Many hope that the influx of Muslim refugees can assimilate to our pathos as a Secular Western society where the values of pluralism and freedom of choice are highly esteemed. One point that falls by the byway of those who dislike Christianity, is that our pluralistic-secular society is built upon ideas based on The New Testament.

The way I see it- I don’t believe that it is possible to reform Islam so that it can be fully integrated in the Western World, and this is why:

Christianity from the get-go is founded upon the theological concept of redemption and freedom from slavery. (John 15:15; Galatians 4:7, et. al.)

The New Testament instructs that if a slave could make himself free, to do so. (1Cor. 7:21)

There is also documentation from an Apostle instructing a servant owner to treat his slave like a brother, especially since they were both Christians. (Phil. 1:16)

As you can read yourself, the text of the New Testament served as a sure foundation for much of Western Society’s progress. The problem with Islam is not particular “extremist” interpretations… It is THE TEXT itself that is the problem!

Im not going to bore you with elucidations… You know that the Quran allows for the beating of women, polygamy and commands the execution of perceived apostates.

The world religions are not founded on particular interpretations, but rather the sacred texts that undergird them. Interpretations of the text are usually popularized opinions which are gathered into sects through which the text is made to conform to desired outcomes.

The foundational “source” of Islam is a text that is filled with propositions that are completely contrary to a society’s pathos that has been molded by the New Testament- which of course includes the freedom to either believe in Christianity or not!

It is your inherent right according to the New Testament to make your own choices according to the free-will that God has bestowed on every individual.

The Quran allows for no such freedoms. And we all know that… 

Reform in Islam is impossible because its own text does not allow for it. According to Islam, the Quran on earth is exactly the Quran that is eternally enthroned in heaven. 

Can people on earth reform “the book” (or holy commands) that are enthroned in heaven? In Christianity, yes. (Matthew 18:18) In Christianity, there is always room for growth and reform until we reach the stature of Christ. (Ephesians 4:13)

Not in Islam.