New Face.pngEcclesiastes 3:18: “I said in my heart, ‘Concerning the condition of the sons of men, God tests them, that they may see that they themselves are like animals.’

What is the difference between the ape of the field and the human of the city?

When you really think about it, there really isn’t much difference between chimpy and me.

I’ll talk about me because unlike you, I don’t think I’m essentially “good.” While you think to be divine, I know I’m a beast.

I harbor no false pride.

I know that as far as science is concerned, there is no essential difference between the beast of the field, and me. In fact, my daily experience as a man can attest to the validity of the hypothesis that I am only,…a beast.

And fact is that you see me only as a clever beast. Thank you, because some see me as a stupid beast- perhaps the same way I’ve thought of you from time to time.

You see, its all about me- just like you think its all about you. Right? Since you hide behind hypostatic veils, let me be honest.

I am a beast.


I want to eat- yes, eat. I want to eat and have sex. Yes, sex! More sex, more food- and wine. Yes! More wine, more food, more sex- more territory. My territory, my food, my sex, my wine, my wealth, my prey, my sleep. Yes, sleep! Give me respect. Yes, respect and fear me. No, fear me. I want you to fear me. I want you to want me. I want you to submit to me. I want you to worship me.

I am the beast of the field. My life consists of eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Isn’t that your reality too?

Of course it is…

But unlike the beast of the field, you have an infinite potential. You know that you were created for divinity. You know this, and so do I.

Unlike the ape, you were given the gift of walking erect- a posture of aggression and dominance in the animal kingdom.

You were given the power of giving names and taming the world around you. You can express your most intricate thoughts through sound vibrations that create images in the minds of your hearers.

You are like God. You can create through communication.

You were created in the Image and Likeness of God… so why do you live like a beast of the field? Why do you delude yourself in thinking that you’re divine, while living the life-cycle of a beast? You were created for more… and you know it.

God created you for more.

God created you- unlike the beasts of the field, God fashioned you with His own hands from the ground. With His hands He fashioned an Image according to His own Likeness and served it with life, breath and everything.

Yes, God serves you. He serves you because that is what love does. True love is humble and it serves. God is love.

God is love- He serves according to His Nature. What is your truest nature?

He infused you with the divine ability to create what you can imagine and to love like a god through service. Do you live like a god? Or do you live like a beast?

I want to be good like God. I want to be like God. How do you want to be?

16d81a9baa58f4e7dbe93502df7f97e6--holy-spirit-the-spiritThe manifestation of God’s own imagination immersed itself into our beastial nature in order to make us divine. God transformed the beast of the field from within the sub-atomic essence of all, where under matter there is no matter, only sound vibration. This is the transcendental Word of God— pre-Jesus Christ, Son of Man.

When it comes to my body, I know I’m a beast- but the beast is no longer me. It is dead and destined to destruction. It died- that is its true reality. Compared to the Ages unto the ages, I, or rather my body, is nothing. Not even a speck of dust.

But in Christ- my soul is divine, holy and eternal. This is who I truly am- my true life is hidden with Christ in God.

I no longer live- the true me lives only through Christ. I no longer live.

Christ lives in me…

HalleluYA! Amen!

John 1:18 (NASB)- No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.