Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 6.45.20 AMOne of the greatest fallacies that has overtaken the Church since the days of St. Anselm of Canterbury, is the notion that God “needs” sacrificial blood in order to forgive sins.

Although this doctrine is considered by the Western Church to be “orthodox,” in reality is nothing but an Apostasy from the part of the Clergy and static ignorance from the masses.

First of all- the Bible clearly teaches that there are 2 kinds of sin- ‘Sins of Death’ and “Sins NOT of Death.” The R.C. uses the terms “Mortal Sin” and “Venial Sins” in order to reflect the Biblical doctrine.

For example- in the Garden of Eden, our Mother Eve committed a “venial” sin because she was deceived. On the other hand, Adam committed a mortal sin- because although he knew God’s command, he deliberately followed his wife.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 6.18.36 PMSince Adam is the head of all humankind, his seed became corrupt- passing down spiritual death to all- in other words, guaranteeing eternal destruction with this world order.

Because the Woman (Eve) had not committed a mortal sin- God sent the promised Messiah who would rescue us from death by bringing the present Cosmos to an end through His Sacrifice on the Cross.  

It is in this sense that Christ “atones” for our Mortal Sin (and venial) by the destruction of the Cosmos within Him (in the micro) and bringing forth the new Cosmos within Him in the Resurrection.  

The Sacrificial System of the Old Testament is God’s way of “regulating” Man’s devotion from a standpoint of DEATH. Throughout the ages, the ‘blaming someone else’ for our sins began in the Garden- and henceforth, it echoed throughout generations until Lord Jesus accepted the blame (the Cross) and shed His Holy Blood (Soul/Life).


The licensed Sacrificial System ended in Christ- and in 70AD the Temple was destroyed.  

When the Jews re-establish their Sacrificial System via the New Temple- this will be the religious move against God’s work of regeneration through the Messiah- which is when the Antichrist will rise and the End of this world order will be consummated.  

The reason why God gave us a Sacrificial System is because He always meets His Creation in their condition, according to Time, Place and Circumstance- in order to bring them to a higher spiritual platform.  

When we eat of Holy Communion (the body and blood of Christ), we do so in “Remembrance” of how we were saved. We were saved through our FORMER WICKEDNESS by sacrificing Christ Jesus- and it is by “Eating and Drinking” Christ (like a Passover Lamb), that we were Saved and are Sustained in this world, and in the world to come.