The Transgender “problem” is due to a materialistic pov rather than a spiritual one.

A Transgendered soldier in a video clip by the New York Times, clearly explains that in his MIND he is “wired” as a male, while having been “assigned” a female body. You can watch the video here.

This is more a spiritual issue rather than a biological one. This spiritual condition is not necessarily a “mental illness,” although in many cases it can be. But a person like the one in the video presentation is not “mentally unfit.” And this is the key regarding whether he should serve in the military or not.

The soldier is saying the truth about who he is, and as such, others should allow for this person to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is part of the foundation of our Declaration of Independence…

America falls short from deep, philosophical thinking… We Americans are good at reacting rather than acting. We’re good at picking sides and attacking the other- without even studying the factors that seem to divide us. This attitude needs to change if we’re hoping to remain as a United Nation.

In my opinion, the military should be enforcing professional ethics and behaviors rather than discriminating against mentally-fit persons who happen to be Transgendered.

If the military actually enforced its ethics, there would be no drunk and promiscuous heterosexuals within its fold. As a person who served in the Army- I know by experience that double standards abound in the military.

If a transgendered person can live a normal life (family, work, spirituality, community service, etc.) then I see no wrong in helping people to find wholeness beyond their “assigned” genitalia.

In my opinion, the Trump Administration’s reason for banning Transgendered persons across the board is simply irrational. I agree that the military should not spend money on re-arranging genitalia… but a prescription Testosterone injection is not that expensive!

The greatest problem in our country is not the fact that we all espouse personal beliefs… The problem in our country is the fanatical intolerance and tribalism that exists across the board of the right-left paradigm.

TOLERANCE and RESPECT is the way to move forward for any Nation- not discrimination.