screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-02-19-pmActs 26:24- Suddenly, Festus shouted, “Paul, you are insane. Too much study has made you crazy!”

The One God has always directed His love towards you- God does not direct His love towards non-existing things.

Everything that exists is loved by God. That’s right- you don’t have to convert to Christ Jesus in order to be loved by God. He loves you already.  

What does not exist is not loved by God, for God is the eternal creator and lover of souls. God does not pretend that things exist and to then project His love towards them.

That means, that if He says He loved you from all eternity, that your spirit-soul has always existed- to God- who is the Supreme Truth, even if to other creatures you were never there until you were conceived in the womb of your mother. 

The spirit-soul that goes to Hell “dies.” Death is simply the cessation of progress and growth. Hell is eternal stagnation in our problems, hurts, angers, and disappointments. The spirit-soul that is in eternal Hell is only conscious of the problems without the solutions. It remains “stuck” forever, by its own free-will.  

When all things return to God (1 Cor. 15: 25-28), the spirit-soul that rejected God will remain always in the divine mode of the God who “was.” 

The spirit-soul that resides in Hell resides on a cosmic “wave” of the past until Judgement Day. God is called the One who “was,” who “is” and “is to come.” The spirit-soul that has chosen to return to God in full self-realization, resides in God’s relational modes of the present and the future. 

God is always progressing, always creating, always learning, always exploring, always growing, always loving.

John 3:12- I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

The knowledgeable spirit-soul that chooses to not return to God and chooses to please itself, resides in the mode of the divine “past,” in the old space-time continuum that will pass away and remain only as a memory with God.  

The spirit-soul that is in this eternal condition of perdition does not love God. In fact, it cannot even love itself, since love compels the spirit-soul to seek healing. 

Eternal Life through Christ is to participate in His Spirit-Soul’s life and devotion to God in continual spiritual progress and bliss.  

The spirit-souls that love God but still need some work go to God’s “mansion” which Lord Yeshua says “has many rooms.” (John 14) Other Faith traditions refer to these “many rooms” as “Heavenly Planets.” There is nothing in the Scriptures that contradicts this proposition and it rationally correlates with the teachings of Yeshua. 

240_F_161151721_bo8c0ennVDzmTEfXB8lyKIZKZYNfRwTtSo… If you actually know God and what the Gospel truly teaches, you are without excuse oh Christian! Turn to Christ your Teacher- put your baptismal initiation to work towards spiritual progress.  

Learn to become “mindful” of God by means of the spiritual practices, so that when He calls you, you can fly directly to Him without any stops on any of the Heavenly “rooms.”

I am mad-crazy because I’ve always known that in this lifetime, my life is meant to be invested into returning to the Master after I die. This is it folks! Im finally going home. 

But no one can come to the Father without at least guiding ONE soul unto eternal salvation- or at least actively help in doing so (Matthew 25:27).

So I pray, meditate, struggle, debate, and write endlessly- until my heart stops beating, and I am only a memory to those who are dead already, while living……….

I am free- finally! I am no longer shackled by fear. I no longer have to try to coerce anyone into the Kingdom. I am already in heaven.  

All glories to Jesus Christ, my Lord, Guru and King.

Alleluia Alleluia Yehoshua Alleluia/Yehoshua Yehoshua Alleluia Alleluia!!