hopefulIf you are reading this- it is because something resonated within you from the moment you looked at the title.

That “resonating” feeling was Absolute Truth moving inside of your heart and impelling you to click and read.

So let me express to the best of my ability what is happening to you, and what the God-force within you is trying to convey.

You are a very self-aware human being. You have become conscious of your true self- which transcends your body. You have become aware that you are the observer and that the circumstances developing around you are but parts of a great theatrical play we call “life.”

The circumstances of life have brought you to a halt- you have felt the chills of knowing that your next mistake can cost you and your family many years of hardship and unhappiness. You have come to the point where you know that whatever you decide to do or not do can affect the people that love you and the way you see yourself.

You have become paralyzed by fear of the future because although you know the Absolute Truth in your heart, you still operate under the illusion that the events of life are circumstantial- and that your happiness intrinsically depends on them.

But you know the truth. You are feeling compassion for the “You” you are seeing before you. You see the good-hearted attempts of the observed… You see the injustices committed against the observed… You see the maliciousness that has surrounded the observed, and you are disappointed with the forces that are combating against the one you are observing. You are bewildered…

But you know the greater truth. You know that the observed would not be so attacked by demonic forces unless Satan considered the observed to be dangerous- in spite of his sins and shortcomings.

You ask yourself: “How is it possible that Satan is so concerned about destroying the observed, when he is such a spiritual failure?”

Ah…but you also know that even his failures are predestined by God. You see- the name of the observed means “Yehovah is Grace.” How can God’s special grace be displayed unless the observed was in dire need of it? Anything good that comes through the observed is only the result of God’s grace- and this is God’s perfect will. Ironically, this is also the perfect will of the observed.

The observed loves God, and God knows it. The observed no longer loves the world, but the familiarity of the world is still hard to detach from. The greatest of battles are waged not in the circumstances surrounding the observed, but in his own heart.

Feeling pity for the observed will not help him. All true saints of God go through similar tribulations… in fact, it is a Universal Law that in order to achieve something new, the observed must want that outcome more than his or her own life. The trials and failures surrounding the observed are only the means by which he can focus on the greater goal before him. They are the forces impelling him to go beyond the masses and show the way to The Way that leads to God’s own heart..

The observer is a light-bearer that is meant to show others the Way to God.

You need to wake up and be the “watcher” that actively helps. Rise… be the guardian angel of the observed. Shed light to the observed… and help him to take the first steps towards God’s predestined will and purpose.

Stop feeling compassion for the observed, lest you kill him by fearful and stagnated compassion.

You know the absolute answer because the Absolute Truth is with you. Tell the observed that this is the time to delve into his purpose- wholeheartedly. Tell the observed that this is the time to trust the inner forces that are impelling him. Tell the observed that the mission commissioned to him simply requires Faith and Perseverance.

Tell him, that many souls will be saved and know Lord Jesus as their Master. Tell him, that today is the day to trust God, to leave everything behind, and give himself totally to the task without looking back. Without looking back…

Heaven is forward…Hell is past.

Tell the observed that he has nothing to fear. That God has predetermined his role in this theatrical game, and that if he simply follows the spirit that impels him, that he cannot fail. Tell him to take the experiences that he has acquired and build for the Kingdom.

Tell him: “I have placed you here in order to overcome. So overcome in my Name and share in my glory!”

Every man or woman of God who desires to do something great for the Kingdom of God will absolutely do so through many tribulations… But that is exactly the point! How can God show off His champions unless they are engaged in some sort of contest??

Tell the observed the Absolute Truth. Tell him that the Laws of the Universe bless those who take the risk of permanently sailing away from the port of mediocrity. Tell the observed to make the resolute determination to sail away from the port of acceptance, to open up the sails of his vessel and let the Holy Spirit lead the way.

Tell him that he was never meant to be accepted and forgotten by the powers that keep the masses in darkness. Tell him that like Christ, he is supposed to be lifted up so that others might be attracted to The Light of God’s own heart.

Tell him that regardless of how hard the waves crash against his ship, that as long as he keeps his sails open to the wind of the Spirit, that he will arrive to God’s destination in glory.

Tell him that achieving God’s purpose will be difficult… but that God has him in the palm of His hand, and that He will honor the servant who arduously works to honor Him.

Tell him to detach from and renounce fear. Tell him… that his glorious task has already been fulfilled in God’s mind, and that all he has to do is be willing to let the Spirit carry him to God’s destination.

Soli Deo Gloria.