I love all God-Lovers, regardless of religion or culture.

I like the feeling of trying to make each other JEALOUS with our devotional lives or knowledge about God. We’re obviously competing for God’s attention and love… and that is a good thing.

In my own relationship with the Hare Krishnas, I learned that one should forget about even trying to convert anyone unless one is a living embodiment of the philosophy we preach.

For example, when I was installed as Pastor in my last church, a head monk of the Hare Krishnas and a sincere devotee flew to support my installation as Pastor.

That congregation fired me after just 2 1/2 months in the most humiliating way possible. This experience gave even more reason to my Hare Krishna friends to remain in their religion- where love and respect of authority are fundamental requirements in order to be accepted as disciples.

My Hare Krishna friends both accept and respect Lord Jesus as a Teacher from God- but are offended to see that we do not truly follow the One who we claim to love.

I love God-lovers who honestly are given to the pursuit of God in accordance to their vision and perspective of God. In fact, I love hearing what they have to say about this God that I love so much…

Perhaps one day they might want to hear what I have to say about God and help them expand their own divine vision.

But if they become allies of Lord Jesus- and appreciate us because of our Master’s philosophy, then we are “winning souls” for the Kingdom of Lord Jesus. Not everyone is meant to be a “disciple” of Lord Jesus- but if they recognize God in Him, then they are friends of the Kingdom- and therefore will be judged by Lord Jesus as His friends, and not His enemies.

God is bigger than our petty differences regarding the Supreme Personality of the Godhead.

Those who love us for being Christians will for certain receive their reward IN the Kingdom of God.

This should be the attitude and mindset of every Christian who claims to be an “ambassador” of Christ.

This is the Way to win the world for God’s Love manifested in flesh.