Do not allow for the injustices perpetrated against you to continue its unfair flow towards others. The wrongs done to you are in the realm of the PAST- they no longer exist.

Why give them “life” by keeping those wrongs in the present? Your speaking of these injustices must cease because your breath gives them “life” while you are becoming stagnant.

Growth and progress equates to life. Death is simply eternal stagnation. Why exist as the dead? Existence does not equal life. The dead exist but they do not live.

It is a new day with a new sunrise. The day of your pain is long gone- never to return.

You have today with the expectation of tomorrow. What else do you want? Today you have been blessed with another opportunity to build your tomorrow. Why waste time dwelling in the past? You will never be able to change the past because it truly does not exist. Your past is nothing but a delusion you keep on recalling. It is a lie. A shadow that is long gone- never to return.

Instead, be in substance today what you will become in the future- so that your future might be realized today.

The reason why Lord Jesus taught His disciples to forgive their enemies, is because this is ultimately the secret to ETERNAL LIFE. One cannot continue to grow towards the Godhead while remaining attached to things that no longer exist.

It is in forgiving our enemies that we become unlike them. Our enemies- especially those who have harmed us for the Gospel- are already in Hell- for they are spiritually dead.

But not you! You are alive because you forgive your enemies. You are alive because you seek and work towards a better tomorrow. You are alive because you have forsaken yesterday and decided to live and love TODAY in the hope for a better tomorrow.

Only God can live in both the past and the future. Forgive the injustices done to you and move on.  Let God deal with your spiritually-dead enemies…

and LIVE!