The Bible teaches that God created the human prototype from the dust of the ground, while animating it by means of His Spirit. This Spirit of God is what produced in us what is called: “consciousness.”

But what is “consciousness?” There are many ways in which human beings can be said to be the “image of God,” but the one factor that makes us like our Creator, is the gift of self-awareness, or consciousness. Self-awareness or consciousness transcends the mere ability to project and identify ourselves. Just because one can self-identify as a being, doesn’t mean one is truly self-aware.

This ability to point to oneself by creating an artificial polarity between the “true me” and the “other” is akin to the communal experience within the Infinite God and the Logos. Although the divine “polarity” between God and the Logos are true, for the human it is a mere illusion, since by default an “image” is not the true self. Only God can truly say that He is the “I Am.” (Ex. 3:14) Only God can be defined as “true being.” On the other hand, there is an element of self-awareness that closely emulates divine self-consciousness.

It is oftentimes explained that God is infinite, eternal and non-changing, while everything else is limited, temporal and ever-changing. (Mark 13:31) This is most certainly true…

But oftentimes it is said that God is “outside” of time. This explanation is deceiving because the Scriptures teach that in God “we live, move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) On the other hand, even though we are creatures living within time, we experience on a daily basis something like the divine experience of self-awareness.

The enlightened being knows that like God, we have our being only in the now.

We know by experience that every “moment” passes away. As time passes, our bodies and circumstances change from moment to moment- but the true self remains.
The enlightened mind perceives time as always passing- while the self remains.

Everything that caused you hurt or disappointment has already passed- and blessings are on their way- but you remain in the eternal now- which is not affected in any way by the passing moment in which you self-identified. It is in this eternal now that one chooses whether to gaze eternally into the Father’s eyes, or turn our faces away from Him, in order to focus to the things that pertain to time, space and circumstances.

Therefore, given this undeniable truth, I must conclude that in some way, shape or form that transcends my current understanding or ability to reason, I am an eternal being- for God cannot call His “Image” something that passes with time.

I am ETERNAL. I am ETERNALLY SELF-AWARE, even though in this world I have forgotten who I truly am.

Through Christ, who is the true and living Image of God (Col 1:15), I can see the Father for who He is, and truly know that I am the Image of God, through my Lord and Teacher.

How does this knowledge benefit me? It benefits me at all times- but especially when the times that are passing by me are difficult and seemingly unbearable.

Whenever the passing times seem endless, I remember the promise that the heavens and the earth will pass away- but that His promises to me will not. Whenever the storms of time pass by me- I look towards my Creator- and by gazing into His eternal eyes, I know that in His eyes, I Am.