MarisaMany of my Christian brothers and sisters become confused at the spectacle of a Pastor bowing down to fellow human beings.

Some have even condemned me as an apostate for “dabbling” with Hinduism.

It is true that those comments and judgements still remain painful to this day, but I also recognize that people are afraid of the unknown, and attack the projections they fear.

Well, let me explain why I prostrate to Easterners who love the Creator:

1. I am an Ambassador of Christ– If Christ is sending us to share the Good News of the Gospel with the Nations, then that means that He is sending us to people that are worthy of hearing the Good News.

2. I am a Grace Preacher– The Bible is clear that we are saved “by grace through faith.” When I prostrate to fellow God-lovers, they feel moved and extend grace towards me! By their extending of grace, they are experiencing (in a way) the grace of God towards us!

3. I am a Pastor– As a shepherd of God’s flock, I represent the Good Shepherd. The Bible teaches us that the Son of God humbled himself and became like a slave. If I am a disciple of Lord Jesus, should I not be as a servant to all persons? When my God-friends see me, a Pastor, humble myself as a servant, they visually experience what Christ did for the whole world.

4. I am NOT an idolater– I prostrate before my God-brothers because to love one’s neighbor is as great as loving God with one’s whole heart. Your neighbor is the true Image of God. No other depiction nor work of our hands can compare to the Image of God, made by God Himself. When I venerate my brother, I worship my God and I become like Lord Jesus.

5. And Karma- The Bible is clear that “you shall reap what you sow.” If we plant love, respect, tolerance, a listening ear, and sincere appreciation, then usually that will return back to us. If each Christian individual plant grace, then grace will be returned. And that means that when people extend grace to us, that they are reaching out to Christ’s body.

Beware that your treatment of non-Christians may not be a stumbling block to people outside of our flock!

Lord Christ says: “Those who are not against us, are for us.”(Mark 9:40)

Lord Christ also says: “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”(Matthew 10:42)

As ambassadors of Christ, part of our responsibility is to make allies for Christ’s millennial reign…but that’s for another article.