Although countless people have experienced blissful salvation and ecstasy by devoting themselves only to the Name of Jesus, we must also admit that much harm has been caused.

Our quick condemnation of people based on external practices, cultural idiosyncrasies, and frankly God’s own work with other Nations is a byproduct of a false sense of superiority that needs to be exterminated.

It is true that Lord Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” and that no one comes to the Father but through Him.

But a few verses before, Lord Jesus clearly says that in His Father’s house there are “many mansions” and that He would “prepare A PLACE” for His own disciples.

There has only been ONE TIMELESS WAY to God regardless of place, time, and circumstance. This WAY is that subtle will of the Divine that is etched in the hearts of every sentient human being.This WAY is known as “the natural Law” and/or Dharma.

There are many “lanes” on the road back to Godhead, but there is only ONE road. At the epicenter of this WAY is loving devotion to the Godhead.

When Lord Jesus says that He is THE WAY, he is simply stating the fact that He is God’s Personification of the Timeless Way to Godhead.

Christianity is not an antithetical Old Testament religion where local deities are smashed into pieces and altars razed to the ground. Christianity is God’s gift to mankind of divine grace…

Lord Jesus is God’s own sound vibration that emanates from His infinite, divine core.

Lord Jesus is God’s LOVE SONG made man. God’s irresistible and personal call to stop wasting time with worldly distractions and to return back to Him….forever.