img_1429Job 1:8 (NIV)- Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.”

Renowned Roman Catholic exorcist and scholar, the late Fr. Malachi Martin, wrote a popular book titled: “Hostage to The Devil.” In it, he describes in the form of a novel the details of 5 of his most powerful exorcisms in America

One of the reasons why he wrote the book was in order to teach Christians the major recurring strategies that demons cleave on to when engaged in spiritual warfare.

According to Martin, one of the characteristics of demons is that while they are highly intelligent, they are also highly irrational.

In other words, although demons are very smart when it comes to languages, history, mathematics and philosophy… their sinful impulses override any realization of consequences for their actions.

Like uncontrollable piranhas that cannot stop biting when seIMG_0661nsing blood, demons cannot help but give themselves entirely to the pleasurable task of destruction, without considering the possible repercussions.

In the book of Job we see that when God mentioned the righteousness of Job, that Satan quickly proposed the opportunity to prove Him wrong. Satan is very intelligent, but when he is presented with an opportunity to counter and destroy God’s work…his addiction to destroying anything beautiful and harmonious is absolutely irresistible.

The Bible teaches us that the devil is a deceiver and the father of all lies (John 8:44), but many of the early Church Fathers taught openly that on the Cross, Christ deceived the deceiver.

When Christ was on the Cross…Satan and all the demons could not help but sink their teeth into Lord Jesus and torture Him as much as possible. But according to Church Fathers such as Origin, St. Gregory of Nyssa and St. Augustine, Lord Jesus defeated Satan not by might…but by playing weak, so that Evil might be exposed, and Satan could defeat himself. Satan’s sole hateful purpose is to destroy the Kingdom of God. Once his purpose was expended, he no longer had a future purpose to accomplish, rendering him destroyed by his own actions against the Son of God.   Hebrew 2:14

The same thing happened with a female pastor-friend who was fired without ecclesiastically viable reasons from her latest church after only 3 months of service.

When the intelligent, yet irrational culprits campaigned against her, my pastor-friend remained relatively silent as she sought God’s plan and purpose in prayer and fasting.

img_2001Rather than going toe-to-toe against them, she began to write articles in her blog about the malicious acts and blatantly manufactured lies against her and the denomination she is part of.

She wrote the incidents accurately, with the exception of changed names and genders. At the time, my pastor-friend did not know the reason behind the strategy of writing this way… but she followed her prayerful heart, allowing for God to use her as He pleased.

The effects of her writing were disastrous for the malicious culprits. As it turned out, like Satan and his demons they could not but help continue in their pleasurable frenzy of trying to destroy my pastor-friend and her name…

In an act of insanity, they made copies of her articles and distributed them to the congregation with the allegation that she was writing about them and the church, even though their names and genders had been changed!

In their blood-lusting frenzy, they failed to recognize that God had just exposed them by their self-identification with the ACTIONS taken against her! As I said before…demons are very intelligent but irrational.

If they were not guilty of the acts that my pastor-friend had written, then why would they self-identify with the articles?? Their names and genders were not published…so why would they identify with the stories?

BECAUSE THEY ARE GUILTY. Because Satan cannot but answer truthfully before God.


The lesson? Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 7.13.41 AM.png

You can never outwit Satan on your own…all you can do is stand firm in faithfulness to God and righteousness, and allow for God to avenge you.

By the way… that church is so wrapped up in their futile evil, that after 3 months, they still haven’t changed the spelling of their church sign, giving something to chuckle about to every intelligent AND rational person that passes by on their way to work.

And funnier still… They’ve had to pay her with full benefits for the same amount of months that she actively served, including benefits and the parsonage. In other words, because the church broke the contract, my pastor-friend has been getting compensated for NOT working, as if she were.

The pleasure of trying to destroy her by any means, blinded them to the fact that they were destroying themselves.

It’s amazing how God mocks those who try to mock Him.