Psalm 98:2, 4- Yehovah has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations. Shout joyfully to the Yehovah all the earth; break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises!

Dear God and Heavenly Father,

You have searched my heart and read the intentions of my mind. You’ve tested me, and found me approved.

You brought me to the waters of bitterness and affliction of soul and body. My eyes did not know sleep and my heart did not know consolation.

You brought me to the hill of death. The cross at its bow; a warning to your servants of rough waters ahead. A hill of death in which the champions of men die, and the champions of God, rise!

I took the Cross, Lord. I took the Cross and let them pierce me. Dogs surrounded me and desecrated your holy one. Calumnies, slanders, and curses bathed their champion. All their sin fell upon me, yet in your righteousness I was bathed!

The devil sifted me, Lord. The night grew dim- the stars and the moon hid their faces in shame because of their sin.

But you have raised me ABOVE my enemies! You lifted me up from the grave! You did not abandon your holy one, and neither did you allow for his body and mind to see decay.

You have changed my mourning into dancing! You have crowned me with life!

Oh Lord… through violence, injustice and pain, I LOVED YOU! I stood strong! I decided to follow you ever so closely!! I took hold of your hem and kissed your feet, even when I felt as if you were trampling me.

On the floor we cried…Our tears drenched the ground and our mouths dried like clay in the furnace! We came to you for Justice, oh Lord! Before your Altar we presented our complaint.

I fell from the Cross, oh Lord…and myself once again I began to sense.

But you lifted me Lord… You anointed my head with Your Spirit and blessed me with true New Beginnings! You have strung the devils with their tongues, and turned their words against them!

Lord, as you said in the vision… I AM YOURS. I AM YOURS. I AM YOURS!!

I will love You forevermore!

I am unworthy Lord of your mercies, yet you have crowned me with glory since the womb. Blessed is your Name LORD YEHOVAH!

And blessed your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, my eternal Teacher.

Alleluia Alleluia Yeshua Alleluia. Yeshua, Yeshua, Alleluia Alleluia!