“Those who are wise will shine like the bright expanse of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3).

Folks… We’re living in really dark times

The world has always been a pretty dark place, but wherever the light of the Gospel shined, godliness and order pervaded the air.

Those were times when Christians were known for high standards of morality, ethics and behavior. They were examples of intelligent convictions based upon the resurrection of Christ. They were embodiments of Christ to the world.

Even the most simple understood the value of respecting the Ministers of the Gospel that God had called, and to accord them the reverential respect due to them by virtue of their holy office. To them was conferred the primacy in the congregation as servant-overseers who managed God’s household until the Master’s return.

The most uneducated appreciated and defended him who had the divine commission to feed God’s flock with his ministry of teaching, praying and presiding over the assembly. It was to him that was conferred the commission to forgive sins and to retain them.

The average Christian understood that whenever they associated with their Pastor, that they were before a person upon whom was placed the weight of countless, consecrated men since the time Christ Jesus laid His hands upon His disciples. This man we called “Reverend,” was reverenced because of whom he represented. In fact, the Pastor was viewed as an Angel sent by God as an answer to prayer…

But today… the installation service is nothing but an empty ritual …from a time when we believed that God used the congregation as the prophetic conduit that called a specific person to carry the mystical seal of the Name of God’s Only Son.

There was a time when a Pastor’s message from the pulpit was the word of God. We didn’t always like what he said…but we accepted the fact that what he said was exactly what we needed.

There was a time when people did not dare to speak ill of the man God had commissioned. If circumstances merited charges, the church would circumspectly present clear charges so that the presbyter could answer them and be judged fairly.

Instead, we resort to calumniate the name of the Pastor, assuring his long-term destruction for the sake of our palate-pleasure.

Oh, but God sees…

God sees…


Those of us who see how dark the Church is, must unite and fight against the darkness- by firmly standing our ground in righteousness, against all wind of injustice.

We are the ones who by our testimony save souls.

We are the stars of the New Creation.