Rejoice!.pngMalachi 4:2 (NIV)- But for you who revere my Name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.

*A modern Psalmody…

Oh my Lord- hide me under Your wings. Let the wind of Your Holy Spirit ignite my feathers with the divine fire of Your love. Let me know nothing but You! I want to be forgotten; enraptured by the singing of your Names!

Oh my Lord- how great is your Name and deeds in all the Earth! The Heavens and the Earth cannot contain Your praises! The mountains leap like calves…the stars explode in joy at the mention of Your glories! Who is like You oh my Lord? No one can compare to Your excellencies!

Oh my Lord- I desire nothing but You. I desire to go up to your holy Temple with ecstatic praises of Hosannas; to be one with the multitude of God-lovers. I desire to be a stringed marionette in your hands… Make me dance oh Lord to your delight! Make me dance! Make me the fool who makes you laugh with eternal joys!

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Oh my Lord- I desire to be overcome by the cloud of incense rising to your throne. I want my ears to be overwhelmed with clamorous “Hallelujahs!” I yearn for loud drums and trumpets celebrating Your Presence descending upon the Holy Mountain! Oh my Lord- I desire to hold hands with others who seek to revel in Your glories and in the splendor of Your indescribable mercies!

I want my ear drums to explode with Your praises at the beat of my heart!

Oh my Lord- to see the effulgence of Your glory is all I desire! To be blinded by Your beautiful face is all I want! In your eyes are everlasting fountains of bliss- pouring as rivers of joy, flowing down your cheeks and drenching your beard with happiness!

Baptize me, oh Lord! Baptize me in your love! Drown my ego in your Jordan! Resurrect me in newness of life!

Oh my Lord- but I am like a dead flower in the field, trampled by evil women who hate You, and who’s portion is in this world; who call what is evil good, and what is good, evil. I am a dead Autumn leaf, blown away to the land of forgetfulness, where lost souls are forgotten forever. Ostracized, criticized, slandered… cast off like a worn sandal that can no longer protect!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 1.15.50 PM.pngOh my Lord- where are the euphoric praises to Your Name? Where is the throng going up to Your temple? Your house of worship has been overcome by God-haters who desecrate your Name…who mock your body and blood; mockers who demand your service. Hypocrites who trample on your slaves and stone those You send! Demons who claim to be Christians.

A synagogue of Satan ruled by Jezebel!

Oh my Lord- rescue me from despair! I am drowning in desire for You! Oh my Lord- where are those who love you beyond euphoria?? Where are those who truly love Your Name?

I will close my eyes and think only of You! I will take my holy Kartals and sing ecstatically to your Name! Ecstatic glossolalia will pour forth in joy! I will beat loudly on the holy Mridanga- calling out to Your Name on the streets! I will share Agape meals with the multitudes and embrace and teach sinners the glories of Your Name! They will praise You because of me! They will praise You because of me!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I will close my ears to demonic lies and hear only the sound vibrations of your Presence-  the only “I AM,” THE GOD OF MERCY, COMPASSION AND JOY! Your Justice will shine forth like a blazing sun for all who place their hope in You, O Lord!

Oh my Lord! I will close my eyes and see only YOU! My ears will only hear Your praises!

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-12-23-52-pmLike a drunken Jester, I will dance in Your Spirit! In ecstasy I will fall on my knees as my spiritual eyes are opened to the beatific vision of Your glories! I will see Your throne Oh my Lord! I will rejoice in Your glory! My eyes shall see the risen Christ as He dances to Your Name! Oh my Lord- don’t You see that I am His aspiring disciple?

Oh my Lord! I will gaze into Your face and see myself in Your image! Angels will surround me as I play my drum and dance like a calf released from the stall! In me they shall see The Christ- a part and parcel of His Presence! We shall hold hands and lose ourselves in the bliss of Your eternal Presence as we exclaim,


The righteous shall see this transcendent love and praise Your Name! Together, we shall love you beyond euphoria! Together, we shall love you beyond euphoria! HALLELUJAH!