hopeful.pngPsalm 27:14 (NASB)- Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.

During the last few days, Liz and I have been reading the story of Joseph in Genesis.

“Joey” was an exceptional young mystic that was sold by his brothers into slavery out of envy. While suffering in an Egyptian prison due to false allegations, he had the opportunity to interpret a couple of dreams that the royal baker and butler had.

After a few days his interpretations proved to be true with the baker being hung and the butler released. But before the dreams came true, Joey had asked the butler to speak to the Pharaoh on his behalf after he returned to his palatial duties.

Yet the Bible says that it took 2 years for the butler to remember Joseph and recommend him as an interpreter of Pharaoh’s dreams. As we read the story of Joseph, it seems that he spent more time waiting for the Lord to act than he did with anything else!

Waiting for God is not easy, but it is a blessing!

The many years of suffering betrayals, false allegations, imprisonment and abandonment would’ve been a waste of time if Joseph had given up in life and passed on the opportunities for advancement that waiting for God has to offer!

While Joseph waited on God for justice, the Lord used him as a manager in his master’s house. In prison, he worked as the bookkeeper for the prison, which in turn presented an opportunity to make contacts and grow in his mystical ability to interpret dreams.

Unbelievably, all the years of having to wait on God prepared Joseph for the great responsibility that God had foreordained for him, as the second in command in all of Pharaoh’s kingdom!

The reason why God makes us wait on Him is because the process of maturation and growth in wisdom is more important than whatever end result we long for.

So don’t give up! If you find yourself having to wait on God it is because He is in the process of molding you into who you were foreordained to be.

So hang in there and don’t waste your time! Continue growing until God fully reveals His will for you!