Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.07.20 AMJeremiah 5:31 (HCSB)- The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own authority. My people love it like this. But what will you do at the end of it? 

I have been politically silent for a long time mainly because I have learned that the masses of “Christians” are indifferent to what God truly desires and with matters of social injustice… that is of course, unless their own skin is affected, and they are shaken out of their own slumber and comfort zone. (Job 2:4)

For many years I have been engaged in social issues that from a Christian and Biblical perspective are (or should be) of the highest importance. I have organized and led pro-Life rallies. I have marched, campaigned and preached endlessly against abortion- yet oftentimes I have been met with resistance, irrational attacks and heavy criticism by those who purport to care for the thousands of human lives that are viciously snuffed-out while still in the womb of their mothers.

When Pastor Saeed Abedini was wrongly imprisoned in Iran I urged the regional leader of my previous denomination to rally the churches under his supervision. I explained to him that doing so, would not only create a venue through which Christians from all backgrounds can learn to unite for righteousness, but also, that our denomination would be viewed on a more positive light… His answer was that to advocate for Pastor Saeed Abedini was entirely the responsibility of the Nation’s State Department. Then he ended his email by asking an open ended question: “Is Pastor Saeed Abedini a part of our denomination?”

I tried to rally the Pastors and churches of my region for a public prayer service in support of Pastor Saeed…but to no avail. The Pastors were not interested in speaking out and their church members were too “busy” to take one evening and unite in public prayer for a brother who was rotting in an Iranian prison.

When Ms. Kim Davis was being harassed and persecuted for standing by her Christian principles, I started a Support Kim Davis Facebook Page with the intention of rallying Christians for the sake of protecting our Liberties as Religious citizens of this Nation. Rather than gaining new Christian friends that would stand in one accord in the defense of Kim Davis, I actually lost friendships because they were unwilling to actively participate in her public defense in the midst of a plethora of nasty attacks by secular-atheists and social engineers.

MartyrsWhen the 21 Coptic Martyrs were slaughtered by ISIS on the sea shores of Libya right before Ash Wednesday- I made a poster with the faces of the saints and dedicated all of Lent 2015, proclaiming them to be the sign that the 5th Seal of the Apocalypse had been opened by the Lamb of God.

On that Ash Wednesday I had the “choir” chant with me the Names of each Martyr, and I placed the poster under the Altar of the Church to remind us of our Freedoms in America and the importance of Christian Unity- especially when persecuted.

That month, even the “choir” left the church. Only a few faithful disciples (who joined and stayed under my pastorate) and some of the socially unwanted remained. I was exasperated and had became fed-up with the carnal indifference and lack of ACTIVE love for God, the drug-infested community around the church and the plight of Christians throughout the whole world.

Granted, I spoke a bit harsh from the pulpit…but enough was enough. My verbal “violence” was nothing in comparison to the moral, ethical and spiritual violence they were committing through their indifference for the persecuted body of Christ and the thousands of children that are viciously slaughtered on a daily basis in our Nation.

After all these years…I have learned that most “Christians” in the West idolize their comfort zones and will absolutely despise and try to destroy anyone who calls on them to wake up from their slothful indifference, and actually DO SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL for the cause of right.

Today I was thrown a-back by Reverend Franklin Graham’s call to unite against Marijuana use in America. Believe me when I say that I love, appreciate and respect Rev. Franklin Graham- but in my opinion, to rally people against Pot-Smoking and the Obama Administration is mismanagement of the public access to MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS that he currently enjoys. To see Rev. Graham’s post go here:

I believe that when God empowers us with the ability to reach MILLIONS OF PEOPLE through the media, that we must PRIORITIZE and mobilize the masses for the things that truly matter- such as the Abortion Industry.

11856430_10204562021717810_6257631064192698940_oPOT SMOKING is one of the LEAST problems in America when compared to the slaughter of the innocents through the Abortion Industry. In fact, one could effectively make the argument that trying to rally the masses to stand against relatively small issues, is actually a sin before the Lord. (Matthew 23:24)

What would it take to stop the Abortion Industry in our Nation? The murder of the innocents will not stop unless Christians (and other religious allies) unite for the sake of righteousness, even to the point of STOPPING THE NATION until Congress finally listens.

Gandhi and his allies STOPPED THE NATION and were able to lead India towards self-rule by hurting the pockets of the British. In order for true social change to happen, the masses need to be led in self-sacrifice of their comforts and even their reputations so that righteousness can rise and rule the day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.33.21 AM.pngBut for that to happen, we must learn to put aside our egocentric lives…to the point of being willing to sacrifice our retirement accounts, bank accounts, houses, cars, entertainments, comforts, and social status.

If Reverend Franklin Graham rallied Christians (and other religious groups) against ABORTION, even to the point of STOPPING THE NATION- Congress would listen and the Abortion Mill would be stopped….

But I guess to rally against Pot Smokers is easier and safer… At least it doesn’t affect our vacations…that is, unless you’re a Pot Smoker.