The Christian Nation

KadmielEverything that is created by God (like sex, eating, etc.) is good when used for its proper purpose.

Anger is a good thing, but only when used at the proper time and for proper, unselfish reasons. Since Anger is such a strong emotion, it can be very pleasurable and even addicting. Anger produces extra strength by its release of adrenaline and a special “numbness” that is produced by the release of endorphins.

Like with other drug-addicts, Anger-addicts do not normally like to admit their addiction for fear of being viewed as weak. Much of our society is addicted to Anger, a quality which is ingrained in our societal philosophy of competition and conquest.

Although Anger is a powerful and useful tool, a wise person will learn to restrain, control and reserve it for a time when it is truly needed. Proverbs 16:32 says:

“Whoever is slow to anger is better…

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