Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.55.26 AMIsaiah 55:8 (NIV) For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

I am close to realizing a life-long dream to buy a motorcycle. I’ve always liked bikes but was never tempted to become a motorcyclist. I guess I’ve always considered motorcycling too dangerous.

For the last year, I have found myself very attracted to the (now perceived) “lesser danger” of motorcycling. Perhaps this new insight is due to having survived a pretty rough ride of life through the last 5 years.

In Biblical numerology, the number 5 is reminiscent of the 5 species of sacrifice that God requested from Abram as a confirmation for their covenant. 5 also represents the 5 Levitical sacrifices and the 5 wounds of Christ. Given the nature of this number, it stands as reminder of God’s grace towards His creation and reconciliation with the world.

Through this interpretive lens, I accept the last 5 years as a school of divine grace that chiseled away the remnants of the old self, while exposing the new.

This process has led me to discover the mystery that everyone is a reflection of the observer. Everyone we encounter represents the good and bad qualities that we recognize within ours2015-06-02 15.41.19.jpgelves.

I accept that life is adopting the good, while dismissing the bad. Happiness is accepting that all things are in the hand of the Sovereign God. That you cannot change anyone’s mind, but your own. That you can only save those who want to be saved. That there is a difference between wanting and wanting to want. That to go beyond the mission is to disobey orders. That the mission is over…that it is time to move on and enjoy life.

My prayer is that wisdom should ascend to its rightful place, and love reign supreme on every hour.

I made it to the other side. I survived. Now it’s time to ride.