Love GodGod has many names. So which name is His ultimate one?

The mystery of God’s NAME transcends all appellations. The God Most High names Himself in accordance to the dynamic manifestations of His essential qualities for particular purposes and circumstances.

For instance, “Elohim” refers to God as the Creator. “El-Shaddai” refers to God as the Almighty. “El-Elyon” refers to the “God Most High” who is above every deity, whether actual or conceptualized. “Jehovah” refers to God’s faithfulness in regards to His Covenants.

The New Testament never uses the name of “Jehovah,” but instead replaces it with “Lord” whenever quoting Old Testament passages.

Intrinsic to the Biblical narrative, is the fact that Lord Jehova9c034d1a65270230f66056d1eef7e578.jpgh was a “nomadic” deity without inheritance, who chose a tribal race, freed it from slavery and lead it to the “Promised Land.”

Throughout the Prophets of the Old Testament and the New Testament, the self-revelation of a tribal God eventually evolves into the self-disclosure of the mystery that the divine is not just a God for the Jews, but rather, that His love and grace is for the whole Cosmos. This is one of the central tenets of the Christian Faith.

In the New Testament, God transcends all appellations by revealing Himself as the Father and Lord of all, regardless of nation. When the Scriptures refer to God’s NAME, it is ultimately referring to His ineffable, unchanging, incomprehensible, and infinitely transcendental essence.–jcr

All appellations of God are revealed under particular circumstances in time and space. They are all, ultimately, representative of that one, all-encompassing presence of God which transcends all human understanding.

o-jerusalem-greg-olsenGod has many names, but His ultimate NAME transcends all appellations. His NAME is the whole of His presence, essence, and person. So don’t get hung up on wondering what divine name contains greater glory or power, since God cannot be manipulated by any external forces of enchantment.

God transcends all known (and yet to be discovered) nomenclatures. God is the infinitely intelligent and all-encompassing force that holds all things together and who exercises supreme control of all things.

All appellations are windows of perception through which limited beings become aware of God’s indescribable presence. The point of invoking God’s presence by means of calling on His names, is simply so that our little psyches can become aware of His ever-present, presence.

God is always present…