IMG_4130Proverbs 18:24 (NIV)- A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Today, my young friend Kartikeya begins his journey back to India for a few months. No words can express how much I will miss him. God brought us together during the darkest time of my life, the Lenten season of 2015.

Our journey together has taught me many things, but there is a little problem. My friend is a Hare Krishna.

In many ways, Kartikeya embodies what original Christianity used to be BEFORE it surrendered to the enticements of secular living, vainglory, power, greed… and the superiority complex that so often accompanies the Good News that Lord Jesus Christ is the apex, completion and fulfillment of the whole human race.

I would not be exaggerating if I said that my relationship with Kartikeya and my friendship with Hare Krishna devotees has given me an “out of the box,” panoramic view of how God truly cares and loves EVERY human being, regardless of culture.

I will also admit publicly (for the first time) that my friendship with Kartikeya and Hare Krishna devotees has placed a huge target on my back, where ignorant and cowardly persons that claim to be “Christians,” get to aim their vitriolic arrows of criticism, condemnation and character assassination.

Our friendship has also validated what the Holy Spirit in His mercy had been showing me all along… That the Christian Church of the West (Roman Catholicism and its 40,000 denominational daughters) needs to hit the “re-set” button.

Since I am a student of the Apostolic Fathers (the source of original Christianity) and a follower of the Logos of God (which is in every person), I state with confidence that Kartikeya is a closer God-brother to me than many, who while clinging to the Name of Jesus Christ, obtusely walk contrary to his teachings.

God is not Hatred, Judgement, Immorality, Greed, Pride, Arrogance, Division12091433_10204859327910279_7633079237262302664_o.jpg, Character Assassination, Persecution, Bourgeoisie, Injustice, Irreligion, Enmity, Ignorance, Selfishness, Stubbornness or Knee-Jerk reactions.

God is love.

As of yet, I have not met Kartikeya’s family… but I want to thank his venerable Father and Mother back in India for raising such a fine and godly young man. He is a testament of that divinely moral and religious character that can only proceed from the God Most High.

I am unafraid to say that I love Kartikeya as a son and a spiritual brother that I highly respect and trust. I am looking forward to the many years ahead of us, where without fear, together we will learn more about the Creator that loves us and share each other’s perspective in the realization that God is too great for our little minds to truly understand Him, outside of the revelations that He has shared with us poor, sinful and infintely-limited beings.

I have no doubt that when we depart from this world that we’ll sit to eat Prasad at the same table, in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Kartikeya for your divine friendship. I will miss you.

In the Name of Jesus, Namaste!