Genesis 1:27 (NKJV) So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

A very close friend called me in order to vent his frustration with what had just happened in his Middle School. For some time, the Middle School has been pushing its agenda of aggrandizing and conforming all decent standards of morals and ethics to the special needs of the LGBT community.

No… they don’t want an accommodation for the less than 1% of Middle School students who are being led to identify themselves with the LGBT community. The school administration wants to turn all gender-designated restrooms into “All Gender Restrooms.

In an article by Nico Lang titled:  “Why Public Bathrooms Should Be Gender Neutral” he basically makes a pathetic case based on the alleged right that “gender-nonconforming” persons have in choosing which bathrooms they want to use, based on their mood on any particular day or personal agenda.

Lang quotes a “gender-nonconforming” person called Alok Vaid-Menon:

“In a given day, I can look like a lot of different things…” Vaid-Menon is also quoted as saying that using a public restroom is: “a combination of assessing my safety and asking how much I want to push people’s buttons…I try to be very responsive and aware of all the other people in the room…”

The University of Toronto, recently had to drop most of its gender-fluid bathrooms because of two separate, peeping-Tom incidents.

What’s going on with America and the rest of Western Civilization?

My friend and I agreed over the phone that Christians in America have only 2 solutions.

  1. Unite and revolt against the social madness that is pervading our nation.
  2. Christians move into communities that are isolated from secular society.

In my opinion, the first option is an impossibility given Christianity’s over 40,000 denominations (in American alone!) and the lack of love and unity among the alleged disciples of the Nazarene. The job of most denominational administrations is to keep re-enforcing the distinctives that SEPARATE their communities from other “Bible-believing” groups.

If we can’t even get most Christians to pray the Lord’s Prayer together and to agree on the fundamental teachings of Scripture, how then can we unite in order to revolt against the current wave of social madness??

The second option seems like a more viable, long-term solution.  BUT for that, we have to return to being a disciplic religion- as Lord Jesus intended.

For this to happen, the Church would have to move away from its current growth-oriented paradigm (based on quick conversions and trendy marketing) to building a distinct community of disciples according to the model of Lord Jesus, his disciples and their disciples, known as the Apostolic Fathers.

That means, that the Church will have to move away from its current, secular-styled trendiness, to once again become communal organisms that center around teaching Presbyters who are IN CHARGE of the spiritual formation of Christ’s disciples through the UNCHANGING teachings of Lord Jesus.

On the other hand, that means that we as Christians must begin to foster the desire to drop our idiosyncratic, denominational “theologies” and biases, for the sake of returning back to the source. This means that we would have to drop our emphasis on quick growth by marketing the proverbial “loaves and fishes” according to the trend.

But in a world where most theological seminaries are in the business of preparing pastoral “employees” for distinctive denominations, most pastors are not adept in the theology and spirituality of the first five centuries of the Church.

The pastors themselves will have to nurture a desire to become disciples of the disciples of the disciples of the Apostles.

If you think that running to the Roman Catholic Church will somehow shield you from the trendy and ever-changing winds of demonic doctrines, think again…

Pope Francis just published a long, 224 page essay titled:  “Amoris-Laetitia” that you can download and study for yourself right here. Yeah, I read it… and Pope Francis makes some pretty compelling, rational arguments regarding the re-acceptance of divorced Roman Catholics to the Holy Sacrament. But the problem is that Pope Francis and the so-called Magesterium are actually contradicting the traditional teachings of the R.C. regarding the Sacrament of Marriage which were re-affirmed by Pope John Paul II.

So, what is my advice to all sincere Christians who transcend the current sin of acedia (indifference, listlessness, carelessness) that pervades in today’s so-called “Church?”

STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Do not go church-hopping or “convert” to whatever denomination promises a closer walk with the Church Fathers of antiquity! Be an “Ancient Christian” wherever you are by becoming a student of the Apostolic Fathers and the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the first five centuries of the Christian Church.

STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Build your own life in Christ and actively begin to make Christian friends who want to live a fully God-conscious life through prayer, worship, scripture, and fellowship.

STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Learn how to become a light in the midst of the pervading darkness. Don’t be an “undercover Christian.” Let your light shine through a loving and joyful spirit that serves others, in the knowledge that by doing so, you are serving Christ himself.

STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Remembering always that you are but a passing immigrant and that you do not belong to this world. Keep your eyes heavenward, in the knowledge that everything that is happening around us are signs of Christ’s imminent return.

Remember that not everyone who says “Lord! Lord!” will enter into the Kingdom. Remember that Christ’s true disciples are comparatively few in numbers and are called His “little flock.”

Luke 21:28 (KJV)- And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.