KadmielEverything that is created by God (like sex, eating, etc.) is good when used for its proper purpose.

Anger is a good thing, but only when used at the proper time and for proper, unselfish reasons. Since Anger is such a strong emotion, it can be very pleasurable and even addicting. Anger produces extra strength by its release of adrenaline and a special “numbness” that is produced by the release of endorphins.

Like with other drug-addicts, Anger-addicts do not normally like to admit their addiction for fear of being viewed as weak. Much of our society is addicted to Anger, a quality which is ingrained in our societal philosophy of competition and conquest.

Although Anger is a powerful and useful tool, a wise person will learn to restrain, control and reserve it for a time when it is truly needed. Proverbs 16:32 says:

“Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.”

Contrary to our society’s admiration of wrath and recriminations, the true “strong man” is he or she who takes the reins of their emotions and carefully select under which mode they will operate.

Whenever we feel like Anger is arousing, we should ask ourselves if there’s a righteous reason for the emotion or if we’re just primitively reacting under a hidden illusion of self-preservation and pride. Sometimes, if we have been addicted to anger for a long time, it can suddenly “creep up” on us without warning. It is at that time when we will have to make the decision to not be angry and replace our unexpected mood wit382cd1f15fcd690205b4756a3402d1ach a more positive one.

Meditation and prayer are great tools that teach us emotional endurance while strengthening our sense of spiritual happiness and peace.

Anyone who does not pray, chant or meditate regularly will attest to the difficulty of practicing these spiritual disciplines. But like with anything else, the spiritual disciplines should be increased slowly, but consistently. Like in the case of athletes, eventually you will not only be able to grow in your spiritual endurance and emotional strength, but also, you will draw much positive pleasure that will motivate you to pray, chant, and meditate as much as possible.

In fact, the happier and increasingly peaceful we become, the more we will want to guard these qualities from irrational anger.–jcr

If you’re not proficient in the spiritual disciples, do not be embarrassed about it. The spiritual disciplines are a science that is usually learned through the instruction of a spiritual teacher or guide. You can only learn so much through books! Instruction under a bonafide spiritual tutor is always the best solution.

If you are a Christian, you can speak to your Pastor or Priest and ask for some guidance. If you feel dissatisfied with their instruction, then feel free to contact me at www.Facebook.com/PastorJuanCRivera and I would be glad to point you toward the best direction.

Remember… if you’re going to be addicted to something, it’s better to be addicted to happiness and other virtuous qualities that will not only benefit you, but also serve as a blessing to countless people and generations.