47th Bday.jpgPsalm 119:98-99 (ESV)- Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies, for it is ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation.

I don’t get personal on this forum, because as the title of this blog, so is the content dedicated. Our mission is to make Evangelicals aware of their Apostolic roots and the importance of restoring our existential essence as a disciplic movement.

But for the sake of those who have inquired, I will attempt to make a brief delineation of what I think I have learned in the last year.

  • I have come to accept that true free-thinkers and leaders have many acquaintances, many more enemies, some friends and allies, a small circle of tried friends, and an even smaller circle called “family.”
  • That the religion of Lord Jesus Christ is found in the hearts of a few fishermen.
  • That the pastoral vocation is primarily a life of prayer, study, meditation, teaching and visitation.
  • That silence is a Pastor’s best friend.
  • That God’s whip often has hurts of his own.
  • That the unregenerate cannot love God.
  • That loving God is greater than the love for Salvation.
  • That love cures all diseases and factions.
  • That I must forgive without preconditions or recriminations.
  • That one’s own family unit is the most important asset a man has, and that one must actively work for its happiness and well-being at all times.
  • That most smiles are fake and that praises are easily changed into curses.
  • That in order to become, one must be.
  • That I only have about 20 more years to lay the foundation.
  • That my wife is everything I ever wanted in a woman, and then some.
  • That progeny must have the support and license to search for the wisdom that you have already planted in their hearts.
  • That God mercifully hears the prayers of all who call out to Him, regardless of his Name. That all ways lead to Christ, and Christ, to the God Most High.
  • That I am but an insignificant breath.