Black n WhiteEcclesiastes 1: 10 (ESV)- Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us.

Every generation feels an incessant desire to re-invent the proverbial wheel. Every generation thinks that they are fundamentally more intelligent and wiser than the preceding one. Every generation thinks that their perspective and philosophy is more transcendental and insightful than the previous patterns of thought.

History proves over and over again, that as a nation thinks, so goes the nation. In our pursuit to re-invent the proverbial wheel, every generation rebels against the parameters and “rules” of the previous generation.

Arrogance and an illusory sense of superiority is what impels most of society’s rebellions against the foundational philosophies of a society or religion.

This is what we call: REFORM.

But what we usually refer to as REFORM, is just a closed-minded, arrogant attempt to pretend that the proverbial wheel that was invented ages ago, is no longer effective.

The proverbial wheel are those very common, human factors that contribute toward our common desire as a species to achieve the principles of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. 

The desire to achieve these three basic principles have always been part of the human experience. In fact, one could say that just as birds instinctively build nests according to their species, that human beings have always fostered these desires, not as a result of rational deduction, but because these principles are instinctively ingrained in us as a species, regardless of the culture to which one belongs.

The proverbial wheel has always existed and always will. The human species will always seek to fulfill these three principles and to do so is virtuous.

On the other hand, history demonstrates that fostering a concept of generational improvement by means of rejecting and desecrating its inherent religio-philosophical foundations is futile for its future well-being.

The proverbial wheel does not have to be re-invented. Destruction of our religio-philosophical sciences does not have to be carried out for the sake of “progress.” If a wheel goes down hill…is it progressing? Regress can also be progress, but in the wrong direction.

A culture’s distinctives are the result of “activism” or “doing something.” But the structure of every great human civilization is always constructed upon those unchanging, foundational religio-philosophical principles that made them GREAT.

This is why acculturation is such a big problem. When a generation tries to reform itself by changing its culture, it destroys its foundation. Desecrating the foundational principles of a nation is in fact destroying a nation.

Rather than throwing our Elders into our geriatric slaughterhouses, we should once again honor them by listening to them.

PoorAmerica’s proverbial wheel is “progressing” down hill. It is doing so because we arrogantly believe to be smarter, wiser and even sexier than those who sacrificed their lives in laying the foundations that made us into the most desired and envied nation in the entire globe.

What made us special was sticking to the great principles that set us apart from every nation on this planet. By dismissing and desecrating our foundational religio-philosophical principles we are becoming like every great civilization that destroyed itself from within.

The reality is this- It is impossible to re-invent the wheel. We can only improve it by building upon the foundational principles of our Fathers and Mothers who went before us.