Rooftops2Romans 11:14 (NIV) “…in the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them.”

Please try to understand where I’m coming from…I love Lord Jesus Christ more than ever. I strive to be his disciple. I understand Apostolic Christianity. I am an avid student of the Apostolic Fathers and their disciples. I understand and love their philosophy- and find it to be the sweetest of all.

I understand the transcendental message of the “Good News” (Gospel), and because of it, I am increasingly becoming more obsessed with loving Jesus Christ my Lord. I seek to live a devoted life from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I fall asleep.

My wife can tell you that I am not interested in being entertained by watching movies, or listening to secular music, or playing games, or having conversations… if these things take me away from God-consciousness. When I have done these things with others, it has been in order to “descend” to their situation in the hopes of raising their level of God-awareness.

Yet, I confess that such “descents” have never worked. In fact, it has only empowered people to progress in their carnality and indifference towards true Christian discipleship. I will never again “descend” to the level of carnal people in order to save them. I am not Christ… I do not have the power to turn rivers of wine into water or cigar smoke into sweet incense. I can only save myself!

I am tired of “Christianity.”

I am tired of those who call themselves “Christians” and their 40,000 denominations. I am tired of the sectarianism that divides the “parts and parcels” of Christ. I am tired of the unspiritual who govern the denominations and their churches. I am tired of the garbage we feed the people from the pulpits so that they’re not offended and continue to give us their money and secure our retirement accounts.

I am tired of the business model that runs the churches. I am tired of the theological blinkers and the lack of philosophical inquiry that has led to our superficial and stale “Statements of Faith.”

I am tired of the disloyalty among Pastors- and their lack of care for the flock. So-called Christians can literally jump from church to church- leaving havoc and chaos behind without any consequences whatsoever. In fact, they’re welcomed and even rewarded with the poison of Holy Communion to the detriment of their souls. (1 Cor. 11:29)

I am tired of the fact that every Dick, Joe and Harry with a Study Bible thinks that the average Pastor has nothing to teach them. Most Pastors are nothing more than chapel chaplains serving the so-called spiritual needs with a good dose of brain-numbing straw, so that their cash-cows can continue to flow their milk until they’re taken to the slaughter-houses we call “Nursing Homes.

I am tired of seeing Pastors retiring at 65 years of age- and then live the next 20 years bored out of their minds. Why aren’t they fostering our youth in the universities and colleges?

I am tired of “Youth Pastors” who don’t know a lick about shepherding God’s flock and forming disciples…yet we hand them our most impressionable and fragile children as stepping stones towards the Senior Pastorate. If you were called (and ordained) as a Youth Pastor…why the heck are you aspiring to a “higher” position? Isn’t where God placed you GOOD ENOUGH?

I am tired of so-called “Christian” Radio Stations that constantly pump the devotional garbage that stems from bad marketing and greed. When are people going to realize that the PRIMARY purpose of an organization FOR-PROFIT is cold, hard cash?? Ok, they take checks and credit cards too…

I am tired of the so-called Seminaries that steal the responsibility of forming new Pastors from their Bishops and Presbyters! Seminaries are businesses that profit via the University model. If you can pay…you can stay- with or without a true call to the Holy Ministry.

I am tired of those who claim to love God, but cannot love God enough to actively participate in ministry.

I am tired of so-called Christians who wrestle to add a devotional practice into their lifestyles, when in fact, their lives should be molded within the bounds of devotion! If you need a proverbial cookie to get you to read the Bible and/or pray for 2 minutes… then you should ask yourself if you actually love Christ!

I am tired of the lack of transcendental joy in our churches.

Damn tired of it… I am tired of complex worship- whether “Traditional” or “Contemporary.” Why isn’t singing God’s Names with simple musical beats, hand-clapping, and basic percussion NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Why must we make every one of our worship services into a complex cuisine of lyrics projected upon a T.V. screen?

I am tired of the fact that in order for churches to be “successful,” they must acquiesce to the sense-gratification-based “needs” of whatever social movement is in vogue at the time. I am tired of it. Exhausted…

I am damn tired of “Christians” watching bobble-heads assenting to the same, regurgitated doctrines and axioms- who get offended if a Pastor dares to reveal an Apostolic mystery that does not conform to the denominational blinkers they’ve grown accustomed to. Hypocrite! How can you say “I’ve never heard that before…” when you’ve never been a DISCIPLE of a Pastor?

I am damn tired of Christians assuming that the rest of the world (including Christians from other denominations) are worshiping the Devil. The God of Jesus Christ does not reject ANYONE who calls out to Him in sincerity of heart. When will Christians realize that the love of God transcends ALL of our conditioning and constraints? Will God send someone to Hell simply because he did not use the right “password” to enter Heaven? Who said you must say “the sinners prayer” or understand the peculiar doctrines of your stale denomination in order to have a personal relationship with God?

Sorry- but that’s not the Good News. The effectiveness of Christ’s propitiatory sacrifice does not depend upon a person’s ability to say the right words- or the right formula. Simple faith in God’s work saves… not proper words.

How can we preach God’s grace- but then claim that if you don’t do “this or that” you cannot be saved? We have created 40,000 Christian religions we call “denominations,” and they all stand against the true teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.

Here’s the proof- John 13:35. Now really… do any of our “denominations” ever work towards truly accomplishing this? Of course not! Denominations are walls of retention and contention- not bridges of unity!

There will be many (perhaps even me) who on the Last Day will say: “Lord…Lord!” and yet not enter the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 7:21-23)

382cd1f15fcd690205b4756a3402d1acThe Good News is that through Christ Jesus, no obstacle can ever come between us and God. This is what it means that Christ is our Mediator between God and Man. (1 Timothy 2:5) We are FREE TO CONCENTRATE ALL OUR EFFORTS ON LOVING GOD without fear that our mistakes…even our sins, will somehow land our butts in Hell. Perfect Love casts away fear… but go ahead and try to explain that to the average Western Christian!

1 John 4:18- There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

So why complain about it?? Why not just leave Christianity and join the Hare Krishnas?

I will tell you why… Because Christ resurrected from the dead.

Not only was he Crucified according to prophecy… even his heart was pierced! No one…regardless of their esoteric powers can ever come back from the dead after their heart (the machine that keeps us alive) has been destroyed.

Yes, Jesus’ heart was pierced (John 19:34), and yet, he not only resurrected from the dead… his body was transformed from a material nature to a spiritual body. God gave authority to Christ to lay down his own life, and then to pick it up again after his body had been destroyed. (John 10:18) This wasn’t a magic trick…nor an expression of esoteric powers. The resurrection was a transcendental fact that was witnessed by over 500 persons for a period of 40 days. (1 Corinthians 15)

I believe in God through Jesus Christ, because my “Guru” was only interested in THE TRUTH. Apostolic Christianity is not interested in novelistic myths. Christ used parables… but he never fed us a dose of unprovable legend. Christ’s Christianity is about THE TRUTH… The Ultimate TRUTH. The Truth that we touched with our own hands… and who is readily accessible to all who search for Him. Christ is the incarnate substance of TRUTH… Everything else is just seasoning.

Yes- I will not deny that I have heard the voice of my Master. You are welcome to believe that I am schizophrenic or delusional. In fact, I have diaries filled with visions and esoteric experiences. I will also say this— If Christ had not spoken to me- “Christians” would’ve led me to my demise.

I must also confess that my journey in studying the Hare Krishnas has filled my heart with hope for the future of Christianity. I owe to those so-called idolaters not jumping off a cliff in despair. In fact, they pointed me to Christ and confirmed what I knew all along… That loving devotion to God is more important than knowing all the philosophies and theologies of the world.

1 Corinthians 13:2 (NIV) If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

This is the TRUTH… God is Love and He wants for us to Love Him as He is devoted to us. God is the ultimate TRUTH- and everything (and everyone) is created for His pleasure. (Isaiah 43:7; Revelation 4:11) God created us for HIS PLEASURE, and in turn by giving God pleasure, God satisfies our greatest longings with eternal bliss in His presence…A bliss that is experienced by everyone who seeks after God with their whole heart.

I believe that we are living in the Last Days… I believe that the Reformation that the Christian Church needs is a Devotional Reformation. I believe that loving God and our brothers and sisters can and will transcend our theological meanderings, which so often serve only to serve our false egos.

Oh Christian! Love the Lord your God with all of your HEART, SOUL, BODY AND MIND… and you will WANT to please God with your lives. The day you fall in love with Christ, you will not want to live for yourself. In fact, you will want to live in a transcendental community of believers whose only aim is to be as God-conscious as possible.

2 Corinthians 5:15 (NIV) And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

We can change the Christian Church by changing ourselves. We can once again try to redeem Christ’s little flock from saving ourselves from our conditioning. We can bring about a true Reformation of the Heart- but this time we cannot afford to fail again.

Christianity is at the brink of death… We are about 2-3 generations away from sudden destruction. Oh Christ- please return soon.

I beg you… If you love Christ please strive to become a Christian.

I beg you… help me to become a Christian.

1 Corinthians 16:22 (NIV)- If anyone does not love the Lord, let that person be cursed! Come, Lord!