heartThe Bible is replete with expressions of God’s love for His people.

This love is oftentimes expressed in Lust-Full ways. Anyone who reads the Song of Solomon or the book of Hosea will come to the conclusion that God truly longs for His people. In fact, God longs for His people so much, that He refers to His people as his Bride and/or Wife.

Many commentators will refer to this language as “anthropomorphic” because they cannot bare the notion that God LUSTS (ie. strongly desires union with His people.)

But instead of reacting according to our inherited conditionings, let’s think for a moment.

If the Creator is the quintessential expression of every attribute found in His creation (ie. the Creator of beauty is infinitely more beautiful than His creation), then it would be rational to assume that the attribute of Lust must de facto be quintessentially found in its Creator.

Some would object against the word “lust” because of the negative connotations associated with the term, and because many believe that the Supreme Personality of The Godhead has absolutely no need for anything.

They are wrong.

If God is “Love,” and He created us to love Him…then yes, God has a divine “need” that only we can fulfill. Otherwise there would be no sense in the command to Love God with “all your heart, soul, strength and mind.”

The All-Attractive One seduces us with His qualities and potencies so that we might complete the reciprocal quality of divine Love. This reciprocity of His own divine Love satisfies the longing of the divine for His love to be returned.

Since an eternal and infinite God can only be “satisfied” by an equally transcendent person, we are then “elevated” from our condition as sinners, and immersed into the body of the Second Person of the Godhead- Jesus Christ. Our devotional love transcends us… In fact, our devotional love for God is simply God’s divine Love trying to return back to its progenitor.

In other words… if our mission in life is to return back to Godhead through loving devotion, then that means, that we are essentially carried back to God through the Love that He has shared with us.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.44.30 PMGod sends his quintessential love into the world so that we might be carried back to Godhead through it. Jesus Christ is God’s quintessential expression of divine Love.

The Bible commands: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” God loves us because He first Loved himself… God’s love is projected upon us so that we who were created in His image and likeness might reflect His love back. This is why our refusal to love Him is simply our refusal to fulfill the purpose of our created nature.

If God wants for us to “desire” him with such devotion…then obviously God has a need to be fulfilled. If God created humans with the “need” for Him…then in some incomprehensible way, God must also quintessentially “need” us.

“Lust” is the drive…in fact, it is the necessary impetus between the human and the divine person. Lust is not evil… it is only when a person is in a state of rebellion against God that he or she turns lust into something evil. Lust that is evil is simply selfish love. Evil lust is to selfishly desire to satisfy one’s senses…

Lust is the divine quality that serves as the impetus that leads us back to Him.

There is no greater feeling than to know that someone “lusts” us- and that feeling is what God feels when we desire Him with our whole heart, soul and strength. To be desired by someone special is sometimes more satisfying than consummating a union.

Yes, God Lusts for you. That means you are infinitely special to Him.

And if God was infinitely special for you…then you would Lust Him too.