Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 3.40.55 PM.pngPsalm 51:3-4 (NIV)- For I know my transgressions, And my sin is ever before me. Against You, You only, I have sinned And done what is evil in Your sight, So that You are justified when You speak And blameless when You judge.

Imagine feeling as if your political views, personality, vision and gifts are always a reason for discord around you.

No matter where you are…a dinner table, a moving vehicle or in a meeting, you always feel challenged for the way that you think or the sense of mission that you feel.

There are 3 ways in which these incidents can be discerned and a solution found.

You Might Have A Mental Disorder

Common wisdom says that it would be smart to run with the crowd that’s yelling “Tsunami!” To run contrary to them would by all means seem “irrational.”

If you are always experiencing the same feedback, then there’s a great chance that those around you are right. At least go speak to a therapist- the worse that could happen is that the therapist tells you that you have a mental disorder.

They Are Your PHILOSOPHICAL Adversaries

For some reason your thoughts threaten them.

It could very well be that your realizations make people uncomfortable because you always seem to be talking about topics that pierce the soul.

They always seem to want to flutter on butterfly dreams and have small talk…while you feel that the conversation should lean more towards exploring how to revolutionize the world and positively influence the future of countless generations.

But it seems they really don’t care…or that they get impatient when you’re talking. Sometimes you seem like you’re “discoursing” rather than “discussing.”

You might be an “enlightened” being, but perhaps your friends are not as mature in their realizations as you are. Yet, still share your thoughts, but slow down a little and learn how to “flutter” around the petals of wasted words.

Perhaps one day they’ll ask you what you really think… Even so, share with measure appropriate to their level of consciousness.

You Should Leave

It might be that God has preordained you to fulfill a particular task, and that your present lifestyle and relationships are serving as stumbling blocks to your particular mission(s) in life.

If in spite of your compromises, your presence continuous to “disturb the peace,” then it might be a sign that you should leave and begin elsewhere.

If by your departure everyone gets to fulfill their desires, then perhaps leaving is the best option for everyone. And besides, you will no longer “disturb” the peace of your friends and/or family.

Make sure that if you decide to leave, that you absolutely do your best to accomplish your goals.

Some of those who might harbor resentment against you for departing (go figure), might be able to forgive you because you became successful…or because of the fact that you at least had the testicular fortitude to take the chance, rather than mope around for the rest of your life.

Now Go In Peace

To Love and Serve The Lord!