ConchMatthew 16:24 (ESV)
Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

On the evening of January 1st my family and I took a bus from New Jersey to NYC. As we were walking through the crowds of Times Square, I suddenly noticed that I was about to step on a torn booklet with Srila Prabhupada’s portrait on the front cover.

I was in the process of placing my right foot in front of me when I suddenly saw the Acharya’s face on the ground. As my foot was traveling, I suddenly stopped it in mid-air because I could not step on the portrait of such a venerable man of God- regardless of our different points of view.

Back-To-Godhead-Srila-Prabhupada78.jpgI swiftly bent down to pick up the booklet. As I showed my family, they expressed astonishment that I would care about “saving” the torn booklet with incomplete pages.

I explained that it was not the booklet that I was saving, but rather, the honor and reverence that Srila Prabhupada deserves as an example of a pure devotee of God in his own tradition.

Anyone (regardless of religion or culture) who is acquainted with how much Srila Prabhupada sacrificed in order to save people from a life of self-destruction, cannot but admire and seek to emulate him.

SPinPark.jpgNo man that leaves everything to follow the Creator and who serves him in order to save people from sin’s dark deception should ever be stepped on- regardless of religious sect. We have so much darkness in this world! How can anyone who claims to believe in “The Light of The World” (John 8:12) ever step on a glimmer of God’s glory?


I am a Christian-  and because I strive to follow my Teacher, I could never desecrate anything nor anyone who reminds me of Him.

No true Christian who understands the divine light and its redeeming work in the world could EVER desecrate its glimmer without having to violate his own conscience in the process.–jcr

Srila Prabhubada’s love and devotion to God serves as a reminder to me of the degree of love that one should foster when claiming to be Lord Jesus’ disciple.

evol.jpgIn this age of darkness where all the prophecies of the last days are being fulfilled, it would be wise for Christians to humbly look at the example of Srila Prabhupada’s devotional fervor and life of renunciation.

Western Christendom has become so corrupted with a false Gospel of consumerism, sense gratification and greed- that we can rarely find among ourselves, true living examples of what it means to be a pure disciple of Christ.
I believe that in order to understand the level of renunciation that Christ requires of his disciples, that we must stop following the modern  superstars of our religion, and seek out after true examples of unreserved devotion to God.
May God bless the glorious memory of Srila Prabhupada who can serve as a modern example to willing Christians of what it means to be a pure devotee of God in a disciplic religion. The devotion that Srila Prabhupada exemplified serves as an exact representation of the way of life that Christ requires of his disciples.
And this is why I did not step on the Acharya’s face nor desecrated the literature that his devotion to God inspired.
Perhaps one day someone will see my portrait on the ground and refuse to step on my face- not because I was anything special… but simply because I am…
The servant, of the servant, of the Servant of God.”