I will never forgeScreen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.25.13 AMt Bill M. We met at a Promise Keepers support group that was being hosted by a large church I attended for a season of my life.

As we were walking out to the parking lot, Bill told me that he had a friend who was a good guy…a Christian even…who had a problem that transcended the usual challenges with lust that most men deal with.

“His problem is that he likes children.” Bill said nervously.

“Huh? What did you say?” I reacted without thinking while stopping right underneath the light post that was illumining our cars.

“Oh no!” He said while nervously placing his hand on my left shoulder. “He doesn’t rape them or anything…its just that he likes their soft skin- which he oftentimes touch without them realizing it.”

My fists clenched with volcanic anger… “Who the hell are you talking about? Does he come to our support group?” My teeth were gnashing.

“Oh, well…yeah- but you see, he’s not a rapist or anything. He’s just obsessed with touching their soft skin. He means no harm…He just needs our support.”

“Hellz no…” I said while intimidatingly lifting my chin up like a Cuban bruiser. “You let me know right now who he is and I’ll bust his knee caps.”

That was the end of the conversation.

A little over a month later, Bill was arrested with 3 chargeschild-sexual-abuse-600x435 of child molestation. It turned out that Bill had been molesting 3 of his elementary school-aged, female piano students.

The following Sunday I saw Bill’s beautiful embarrassed wife and his two teenage children- a 15 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. They were so embarrassed! They seemed to be in a state of shock. To make things worse, people kept their distance while staring at them from afar.

Bill M. wrote to me from jail…I never wrote him back. In fact, I wanted for him to be as far as possible from my twin boys who were 2 years old at the time- an act I do not regret to this day.

In the last few years, the God-hating scientist Richard Dawkins has publicly defended what he refers to as mild pedophilia. He has even claimed that a belief in God or in the existence of Hell can do more damage to a child than mildly touching a child. He bases his proposition upon his own childhood experience when one of his male school teachers mildly touched his genitalia on several occasions without his consent. Dawkins claims that although the experience was unpleasant, that he was able to heal and move on after exchanging notes with fellow students who had also been abused by the same teacher.

According to a scientific schild-abusetudy archived in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, pedophiles who admitted having an erotic interest in children claimed oftentimes to have been victims of child molestation themselves.

We pray that Richard Dawkins is not a potential pedophile- although it seems that his easiness with excusing it could be a cause for concern.

At least I would not want for him to be around my children…or ANY CHILD for that matter.

Pedophilia is NEVER normal. For those of us who believe in the natural and purposeful union between one male and one female in marriage, pedophilia is NEVER excusable under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, regardless of how “mild” Richard Dawkins thinks it is. In fact, only the sick mind of a reprobate can possibly concoct an excuse in order to justify pedophilia.

Dear Mr. Richard Dawkins… you need to not only see a Psychiatrist…