MeSong of Songs 2:15 (NIV) Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

Jane was a model Christian. I met her during the time when I had just made the resolute decision to take up my cross and follow Jesus Christ as a disciple. She “radiated” Jesus with an enthusiasm for godliness that is rare in our day.

Even though she wasn’t “beautiful” according to current Western standards, the feminine godliness that emanated from Jane made her appetizing to every young man who was seriously seeking a partner with whom to forge a Christian home. 

Luckily… I was just as enthusiastic to “fix” my 4-year-old marriage with an equally godly woman.

After some small talk about daily devotions, she paused for a moment, stared into my eyes and said: “…but Juan, what are you doing about those pesky little foxes?”

My heart seemed to thump slowly as I considered her words and nervously asked: “What do you mean?” Her body language confused me- was Jane trying to seduce me? She had become suddenly flushed, exposing her neck with a sudden twist of her head in order to allow for her hair to be noticed.

My masculine curiosity was aroused… Was she trying to allure me? But what about my resolute determination to save my marriage and to become a true man of God?

With a raised eyebrow, puckered lips and erotic eyes- she leaned over towards me and asked:

“But what about those Pesky Little Sins?”

I was confused… Was she inviting me to “sin” with her? Or was this godly, young woman able to mystically glance through the windows of my heart, and see my private, “little sins” that had overstayed their welcome?

“Juan,” she said as her face changed from erotic to that of a mother, “all those pesky little sins we deal with get in the way of our relationship with our loving Lord.”

She was right! God was speaking to me- directly through his prophetess.

I wanted to serve Jesus Christ as his disciple, but at the same I was still tolerant of those little pesky, private sins that proved my true character.

“Juan,” she said as she took my hand, “who we are in private is who we really are. And unless we strive to get rid of those pesky little foxes from the vineyards of our private lives, we will never truly experLizience a deep communion with the God who loves us.”

I still have foxes in my vineyard… but they are no longer tolerated.

After 20 years, I have finally come to hate them. I am ready to rid myself of them all- so that nothing can get between *me and my Master.

Song of Solomon 5:8 (NIV)- O daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you- if you find my lover what will you tell him? Tell him that I am faint with love.

*The bad English was on purpose.