Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.03.52 PMAnti-Christian shooter was son of gun-loving mother?

REALLY?…Is that the new low of the NY Post? Are you really THAT desperate for more sales, that you would actually go out there and ride Hilary Clinton’s wave of more anti-Gun legislation?

Oh, I’m sorry…I forgot that you people don’t actually like legislation- that you prefer Executive Orders and Judicial Tyranny.

Does it really matter where Chris Harper-Mercer got his guns from? How many Cops have been struck on the head and their guns taken from them?  Anyone, with enough determination can get a gun from practically anyone who owns one!

The guns are not the problem…the problem is the type of selfishness that you oftentimes portray when you ride the wave of sensationalism for the sake of selling a few more of your worthless papers…because to call it “news,” it would be like giving credence to rough toilet paper.

Why not practice a little bit of JOURNALISTIC INVESTIGATION? Why not look into the LIVES of the poor souls that were massacred? Why not write stories of these families? Why not investigate each victim’s accomplishments, beliefs, and respective churches? Why not focus on the courageous act of the young CHRISTIAN men and women who although had their entire lives before them, chose to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their love for Christ?images

The demonic monster that shot all those innocent persons is not worth our attention… The lives of the victims were infinitely valuable beyond compare, besides God.

Let me give you a tip for you to go investigate… Do you know where Chris Harper-Mercer got the idea of asking CHRISTIANS the question that got them killed? He most likely got it from a scene in the Christian movie:

Do You Believe?

Why not investigate the obvious? Do you think that Chris Harper-Mercer became a bad guy because of guns?? Or rather, did he become a bad guy because he let out all of his obsessive hate for Christianity on those innocent persons of Faith?

Investigate…take all the glory…but PLEASE “do your job” through journalistic investigation rather than being puppeteered by the anti-gun, anti-Natural Marriage, political machine. Christian lives matter.

Shame on YOU.