Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 6.52.40 PMJust hours after the State of Oregon legalized the use of recreational Marijuana, an anti-Christian, God-hating bigot rose to the occasion and shot more than a dozen innocent co-students.

According to students, the deranged 26-year-old man demanded from his Umpqua Community College peers to drop to the ground, and then proceeded to demand that people take a stand for their religion before shooting them to death.

CNN has released the name of the Terrorist: Chris Harper Mercer.

After the horrendous massacre, President Obama (in Rahm Emmanuel fashion) had the audacity of taking advantage of the crisis in order to push his anti-gun agenda, by claiming that “…America has grown numb to gun violence.

Of course, being “numb” in regards to the blatant commerce of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood would be considered to be normal by the “new” moral standards that has also brought us Gay “Marriage.” This is the same Administration, that while turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, it chooses to deport persecuted Assyrian Christians from Iraq, who recently entered the United States through Mexico while fleeing Isis.

The only good news from all this is that the Anti-Christian bigot that killed those innocent Christian martyrs, is now dead. We pray that God assigns the most terrible of demons to torment him for all eternity for the horrendous acts that he decided to perpetrate against a peaceful people.

Our prayers for the victim’s family members and friends will be rising like incense to God. May God have mercy on our Nation.