Kim Davis“The Christian Nation” was created in order to be a venue through which Christians of all Trinitarian denominations can unite under the Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord and stand up in the midst of Christian Persecution, whether Physical or Political.

The American Government has abandoned Pastor Saeed Abedini in an Iranian prison for political reasons… The Obama Administration has become emboldened by the lack of Christian pressure and lack of leadership in regards to Christian interests by our denominational leaders.

Now a Christian woman who had been elected BY THE PEOPLE (as opposed to the Supreme Court Justices who were APPOINTED) in order to uphold the laws of THE PEOPLE, has been thrown in jail simply for standing by the laws that were in place when she was elected and for the Faith that made this Nation great. The secular-humanistic special interests of this country has bullied their re-definitions of society upon the silent majority of Americans who still believe in the Natural Law and the Sovereignty of the Creator.

The injustices that are perpetrated against Christians outside of the United States are usually easScreen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.38.30 AMy to ignore due to our lifestyle distractions… but now that faithful Christians like Clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky are being thrown in jail for not complying with unjust laws… we have no choice but TO RISE and UNITE under the Cross of Jesus Christ and the American Constitution.

Yesterday, Saeed Abedini was thrown into an Iranian prison, and we ignored it. Today Kim Davis has been thrown in jail indefinitely until she denies her faith… Tomorrow it could be you and your children that are thrown into a prison camp simply for being disciples of Jesus Christ.

Now its the time to rise and place pressure on our denominational leaders and Pastors. Unless the Christian Nation RISES now, we will lose our freedom to live as Christians in peace. Our primary allegiance is to King Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe and TO THE CHRISTIAN NATION.

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