ashley-madisonAshley Madison is one of the most popular websites on the net for those who are seeking to experience an extra-marital or discreet affair.

Recently some net-geeks hacked into their website and made public a list of customers who were either avid seekers or curious cats. The searchable list is available for all who would like to inquire as to whether their loved one or their enemy has made the idiotic decision to search for an affair through the hackable website.

This certainly provides a field of dreams for those who like to publicly destroy our society’s living symbols of higher standards and morals.

One such case is regarding the son of the popular theologian and founder of Ligionier Ministries, Dr. R.C. Sproul. His son, who is also called by the same name (with the exception of the suffix “Jr.”) confessed to his ministry board that he had visited the site during a time of emotional desperation and unhealthy weakness. FYI- the man is a 50 year-old-widower, a father of eight children (obviously he and his wife enjoyed sex) and a grandfather of one. In addition to being the chairman of the board of Ligionier, he is also a teaching fellow at Reformation Bible College.

After confessing to the leaders of his ministry that he had visited the site, they decided to suspend him for a year and to make the news public. Sproul confessed in his blog: “I was there long enough to leave an old email address. And within minutes I left, never to return,” he wrote. “I did not sign up for their service or interact with any clients. I have always remained faithful to my wife even after her passing.”

Now wait a second… the man was going through a moment of weakness, he visited the site, looked at a few pictures and then never returned. The fact that he never returned demonstrates that he repented. Shouldn’t the man be commended for seeing the error of his ways? Shouldn’t he be congratulated for quickly recuperating after a small slip-up, and upheld as an example of human weakness and the power of divine grace?

And besides, why the medieval “penance” on a man who championed through his weakness and overcame his secret lapse into sin? Are they old-school Roman Catholics?

Why not ask ourselves the reason he didn’t feel compelled to trust his Christian brothers and find comfort and strength through prayerful accountability and encouragement?

Well, the punishment speaks volumes by itself. Sproul couldn’t tell anyone, because he knew that those who project upon him a false standard of divine perfection, would end up crucifying him (like they did with Jesus), rather than raising him frorcsprouljr_1302198402_73m his emotional despair.

In May of 2015, a 42-year-old,United Methodist Pastor from Newark, Ohio committed suicide in the church parsonage after admitting to an adulterous affair with a church staff member. You didn’t hear much about it in the media, because in this society, Pastors are expendable preachers of Grace while carrying the full burden of the Law and Judgement upon their shoulders. There is no grace for Pastors…

No one just “falls” into somebody’s arms and has a fling…In most cases, years of emotional and spiritual isolation secretly chip away at a Pastor’s soul via the enormous pressures that the Christian Church place upon them. In fact, while most consider churches to be “hospitals of grace for sinners,” Pastors are supposed to be above the sinful susceptibility and weaknesses of everyone else.

I wonder how many of the Ligionier board members have visited pornographic websites during the course of the last 5 years?

I don’t see how the punishment fits the proverbial crime… especially that the man fell victim to grief and despair. Shouldn’t we have compassion and mercy on him?

HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. No Affair…No Sex… It was a stupid moment of emotional weakness. Get over it.

I’ll be frank with you… I am increasingly disappointed with the lack of grace among those who claim to believe in the Reformational axiom: “Sola Gratia.” (Grace Alone) In fact, their interpretation of divine Grace is completely unEvangelical.