The natural course of the world is sScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.06.25 AMtagnation, declination and death. Every virtuous standard that makes a nation or religion great, eventually adjusts to the eroded pleasures of the masses.

Indifference and distractions are good venues for profit-making by fulfilling the myopic pleasures of fallen beings, who although possess naturally divine attributes, choose rather to callously reject their God-given divinity in order to give precedence to their beastial inclinations.

Such is the case regarding the moral decline in the West- a prime example being the latest debacle at Duke University regarding a forced summer reading for freshman about a family’s struggles with their Homosexual inclinations.

Duke’s freshmen are right in their act of boycotting the veiled, summer indoctrination- especially since many consider the said novel to be filled with Lesbian pornographic language. I have not read the book, nor do I care to read it…

One should ask why it is that most of our nation’s universities are so adamant about brainwashing (they call it “exposing”) our youth’s minds with alternative (and frankly experimental) lifestyles that run completely opposite to proven models for the family?

Why not have the freshman consider the heroic beauty of a traditional Christian family and their preoccupation to build a lasting legacy of character and integrity? Why not exalt the roles of fatherhood and motherhood? Why not “expose” our youth to the beauty of adult children caring for their parents with love and compassion, rather than throwing them into a nursing mill?

Why not “expose” the youth to the intrinsic importance of having a loving mother who sacrifices to be an image of God to her children and husband? Why not exalt the sacrifices of the countless middle-class men who bust their labor-filled hands and broken backs in order to provide food and security for their families.

Why not “expose” our youth to the many temptations that Christian parents have to face in order to keep the family together? Why not highlight the fact that parents have to put their lives “on hold” in order to build the lives of their children?

Why not exalt the mother and wife who heroically survives the advances of a rich and powerful business owner? Why not exalt the father and husband who declines the advances of a younger, curvaceous seductress for the sake of godliness and his commitment to family?

Why not exalt the father who although feels unaccomplished in life, realizes that spending time with his children, and being patient with them, is the highest accomplishment he could ever achieve? How about the mother who goes to a Community College in the evenings while her husband takes care of the children at night?

How about surviving the betrayals of false Christians and how the family heroically keeps their eye on Jesus Christ in spite of heartaches? How about the reverent respect to clergy and the beauty of a meaningful, Christian Christmas?

How about a father’s struggle to pass on the best of virtues to his children while still dealing with the dysIMG_0066functions he inherited from his own parents and past experiences? How about love and sacrifice in the midst of poverty and professional disappointments? How about a mother’s struggle with depression due to a miscarriage and the ways in which she learns to overcome it? How about a husband’s passion for his wife in spite of her weight gain? How about a husband’s sexual dysfunctions and how the wife lovingly helps him to overcome them? How about pains that turn a couple’s love into a heroic love?

How about a father’s outbursts of anger and frustrations with life… and how he sees a second chance by being a better example of a wise father to his children and grandchildren? Or how about the story of Christian children forgiving their parent’s mistakes and how they learned from them? Or the story of how the children bring their ailing father into their home after their mother passes away, instead of throwing him into a nursing home?

How about the story of a family that remains united in their counter-cultural spirit and who in the end get to enjoy the fruits of a lasting, Christian legacy? How about the story of overcoming the silence of death by leaving behind a legacy that the great-grandchildren will remember with pride? How about passing down a legacy of overcoming all obstacles and learning how to rejoice over the little things in life?

The only reason why this sort of story is not forced upon our youth is because it is not as profitable as the trend of egocentricity and the decline of the traditional family.

In fact, you probably would not have read this article if it were not for the words I chose for the title.