One of the things that has been cThe Eyeshipping away at my soul for many years is the undeniable and almost relentless spirit of complacency, indifference and egocentric cynicism that most Evangelicals espouse as the good consumer-oriented “Christians” they’ve learned to be.

Their leaders are no different…in fact, the leaders rightly represent the majority of pleasure-seeking, brain-numbing, aristocratic wannabes who fill our churches all across America. Actually…I mean, that keep our churches half empty.

Please try to understand my frustration and anger… Believe you me, its nothing in comparison to what God thinks about the Western Church. When Christ taught his disciples that they were the light of the world and the salt of the earth, he also said that the light would be of no use if it was hidden under a table and that the salt would have no use if it lost its flavor.

Over 57 MILLION babies have been aborted since 1973. And whether we want to admit it or not, the fault falls heavily upon the Christian Church. We could’ve put a stop to this years ago… We still have the power to STOP THE NATION like Gandhi did in India, until the government yields to our righte-818e80fb2aad4c08ous demands. But most of us are just too drunk, fat and distracted to actually get out of our couches and use our little wine and cheese parties to actually talk about our responsibilities as Christ’s disciples in the world, and actually commit to activism for the sake of godly justice.

A few years ago while I was still an LCMS pastor (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), I organized a few Pro-LIFE activities in the city of Syracuse N.Y. The only support we received was from a few church members (the majority at the time were too cool to be pro-LIFE), Roman Catholics and some Pentecostals. Needless to say- all of my LCMS leaders at the time ignored my invitations. Most of the LCMS Pastors of the area followed the example of their leaders. Perhaps they didn’t want to experience the mass exodus that we did at Trinity Lutheran- when folks left the church out of embarrassment and joined the unChristian alternative, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)- where they rightly belong.

Behold! Now the LCMS is c11856430_10204562021717810_6257631064192698940_oalling for action! I am in shock…Hold on, I think I feel a heart-attack coming. I almost cannot believe that the LCMS is actually planning to venture outside of the safe haven of the “Malaria Initiative.” Given the fact that when I tried to encourage LCMS leadership to mobilize the people for the release of Pastor Saeed Abidini… LCMS President Matthew Harrison and Eastern District President Chris Wicher respectively claimed that it would be dangerous for other missionaries to put public pressure on our Government and that it would be best to leave Pastor Saeed’s fate to the State Department.

Now that there is no shadow of a doubt that Planned Parenthood has been making huge profits with the sale of baby parts and intact “specimens,” there’s less of a chance that the LCMS will suffer an economic backlash from the pews. Now suddenly its cool to be an activist.

But I remember that just a little over a year ago- one of the “constructive” LCMS criticisms of me was that I was just too much of an activist. So given the LCMS track record… I guess they’re going to plan on having 2 years worth of committee meetings, CTCR documents, and frankly lots of talking- before they actually demand justice for the unborn and stop the nation.

So far… the LCMS is still only talking. Most likely, they will fall asleep again while the babies keep on getting killed. Why expect anything different? Frankly, it would be easier to part the Red Sea with Harry Potter’s magical wand, than to see the LCMS part from it’s intrepid inactivism and political profundity. Wingardium Leviosa!