Big Shot2Yes, you read correctly… A Christian Pastor is indeed losing his faith, quickly and painfully. I am losing my faith, quickly and painfully. Let me explain.

I am losing my faith in the CHURCH.
Anyone with half the intelligence of a chimpanzee who reads one-third of the New Testament will realize that Jesus’ greatest concern is that we “might be one” as he and the Father are one. In fact, in his Gethsemane prayer Jesus uses metaphorical language in order to illustrate the type of unity that he would like for us to espouse.

John 17:21-23 (NIV)
“…that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

Isn’t that clear enough? So then how can anyone dare to rightly call themselves “Christians” and “disciples of Christ” if they are not willing to sacrifice their spurious little super-egos for the sake of simply pleasing the “Lord and Master” they claim to love and serve?

I am losing my faith in the CHURCH
We “Christians” are so self-centered and egotistical that we live purposely indifferent to the social degradation of our society and the plight of persecuted Christians all around the world. In fact, talking about “issues” is a staple of entertainment for most “Christians” at their gatherings. Whether over Wine and Pâtés on non-GMO Italian crackers, or burgers and beer at a bbq, we Christians love to have our little, self-righteous pity parties, where by talking about Saeed Abedini in Iran or the 56 MILLION aborted babies in this country, helps us to affirm one another in the delusion that we actually, and truly care. As if any human act of progress has ever happened by osmosis!

I am losing my faith in the CHURCH
Forget about Hillary Clinton and the Republican Bozos that entertained us the other night with their ambiguities and bad acting. The real politicians are in the Christian Church! The job of most denominational leaders is to arduously work against the bond of Christian love by building illusory reasons for believing that their denomination is better and more complete than the others. We are more interested in building our self-insulating walls rather than building amicable bridges of mercy and service to the world and each other. If you’re an idealist-activist with poor political skills, you will be crushed by the “principalities and powers” who will trample and destroy anything or anyone who threatens their control over their little fiefdoms.

I am losing my faith in the CHURCH
Most “Christians” will be quick to answer in the affirmative when asked if they would have St. Paul to be their pastor. But of course, the St. Paul that they are thinking of is the one that exists outside of the Bible… Any “Christian” who actually reads the Epistles of St. Paul, and is honest, will admit that St. Paul was a relentless, obsessively mission-minded, unstoppable propagator of the Christian Faith. Now think about this… You can barely go to church once a week. You hardly pray, you never actually read the Bible consistently. You never fast, or kneel, or meditate in the words of Scripture…You never talk about Jesus to anyone and you would be caught dead before praying for anyone’s needs in the public square. So tell me, do you really think that you could have St. Paul as your shepherd? Actually, he would kick each and every one of us from his church (ME INCLUDED), and go through whatever he had to in order to make new Toast N Broccolidisciples that are worthy of carrying the Christian name.

I am losing my faith in the CHURCH, but I’m standing strong with CHRIST!
I don’t know what plans God has for my future…Living the life of a “regular guy” is increasingly becoming more appealing to me. Maybe I’ve had it wrong all along… Maybe the world doesn’t need the best Christ-like pastor they can have. Perhaps my ultimate mission is to simply let go of the collar and the black, and simply become a model disciple of Christ for others to emulate in the pews. Maybe by living as a disciple of Christ- a regular guy with a happy life who is a model devotee of Jesus– is what this world really needs.

But regardless of what happens in my future, I can honestly tell you that I am convinced that Jesus Christ is the “Hope of the Nations.” In the past, Christ was the embodiment of the hope of all religions for a personal God that shared in our humanity. In the present, Christ is the hope and model to emulate by all those who are dissatisfied with the self-serving, fragmented mess that Western Christianity has become. Christ Jesus is the focal point of all humanity- the example we all aspire to. The man who unlike us, single-handedly conquered sin and death, so that we might be able to drop our excuses and selflessly immerse ourselves in the infinitude of his love.