Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.16.18 AMHallelujah!

Wonderful and mighty is Yehovah, who alone is the all ineffable and transcendent God.
Yehovah the all-knowing, omnipotent being who alone is truth.
Who can climb to your holy hill without your assistance? For you hold our vain lives in the palm of your hand. We are like whispers carried by the wind and quickly forgotten, but you remain, and those you keep in memory are alive to you.

Father Yehovah, I have descended into the pit. Those who I love have abandoned me.
In order to satisfy their disdain for you, they have made me to be their idol of hate.
I have become the image of their own self-loathing.
I am the idol that represents what they despise in you.
They worship me with their abominations and dishonor me with their self-worship.

But unlike the idols of men, I see and hear and feel.
I have tried to be your image, but my sins are ever before you.
Lord have mercy on me a poor sinner,
Save me from the pit oh Father, for the life you gave me is precious.

Father Yehovah, come to my aid. Save me from this pit.
Punish those who have lifted their heels against me. They have dishonored you.

They have violated your commands and despised your eternal statutes. Like ravaging wolves they have torn my heart into pieces. I am dead in this pain. I am wounded for my love for you. My wound is incurable. I have been crucified on the wood of my righteous living. Save me Father for I am forsaken.

Make them suffer with the suffering that leads to repentance. Wake them from their insolence!
For you, Father Yehovah, are a righteous and loving God and nothing escapes your eye.
Even your punishments lead to salvation for those who want to be just. Selah.

Rescue me Father, for I have nothing else but you.
God of the eternal covenant, your love is unfailing and true.
Rescue me from death, oh Yehovah, for I can no longer bear these shadows. Disappointments

Shut the abominable mouths of demons. Let them no longer glide by and torment me. Let your light enlighten my eyes with hope and joy. Rescue me Father, for I have fallen into the pit that my enemies have dug for me;
I am in utter darkness and tormented, yet my heart burns for you! Selah.

Father Yehovah, who do I have but you? Rescue me, Father.
Forgive me my sins that are ever before me.
Judge me for my healing, and I shall be healed.
Rescue me Father and I shall climb your holy mountain.

Milk dripping from my teeth. Red sweet wine overflowing my cup.
Dances, songs, joy and peace in your presence.
To celebrate your name is my only joy.
For You are my abundance and salvation. Selah.

Rescue me Father, and I will testify before the assembly.
I will raise your cup before the brethren and I will bless you in celebration!

Although I am in the pit, I will wait upon your unfailing love.
Even if you decree my death, I will wait upon you in the dark and eternally call out your name.
Mankind is but a breath, but your righteousness and justice endures forever!

And my love for you is eternal. Rescue me Father, for I am in your pit.