Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.15.20 PMThe following pdf. attachment contains the order of daily prayer that the Rivera family developed and used over the years, and what I recommend to my disciples in Christ.

Every Christian disciple must have a prayer discipline that he or she adheres to, according to the early documents of the Church.

The contents in this order of prayer draw from various Christian traditions, but its emphasis is Evangelical and Apostolic. It is meant not only to strengthen our walk with Christ, but also as a point of unity with all followers of Christ, regardless of space or time. By praying in a disciplined manner, we live what the Creed refers to as “the Communion of Saints.”

This order of prayer will be valuable for any disciple who would like to develop a prayer discipline. Feel free to print copies and distribute them as needed… Just press the link below.

An Order of Morning and Evening Prayer