Wedding Liz and II will never forget the day Liz and I were married.

Liz and I were brought up with Christian values and her family strongly guarded the Hispanic traditions of supervised courtship, engagement and marriage. Not because they were fundamentalist prudes… but because they were (and are) strong disciples of Christ.

I was 21 years-old when we married. At that time, I did not understand why my Father-in-Law was so strict regarding our courtship; but after 25 years of marriage, I look back and appreciate my in-law’s adherence to Biblical standards of morality.

The Christian Church in America finds itself in the midst of a great challenge regarding Gay “marriage.” Although morality has been legislated and forced upon the populace, Christians should not panic or loose faith… The Lord Jesus Christ is our Master, not the world order nor its leaders.

Christianity is a religion of “disciples,” not “devotees.” In today’s Church, it is rare to hear this distinction, but it is Biblically sound. A “devotee” is anyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ and practices a form of devotion to Jesus in various degrees. Anyone can be a devotee…from the type that goes to church every Sunday, to the type that only goes to church on Christmas and/or Easter.

Then you have “disciples.” A disciple is a devotee who not only practices a form of Christian devotion, but who also studies, listens and puts into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ. A disciple seeks to actively imitate Jesus through the example of his or her Pastor/Teacher. Truth be told…most “Christians” are not disciples…

Every disciple is a devotee, but not every devotee is a disciple.

The Government is not the Christian Church. Our Lord is Jesus Christ, not the Supreme Court. Jesus is “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords,” not the Supreme Court. Our allegiance is to Christ- ONLY.

Christians in America should be grateful for Gay “marriage.” We should be grateful that finally we have come to the point where we must choose between being a true Christian disciple, or a “devotee.” We have finally come to the point where we must choose whether to serve the gods of this world, or the Creator of the Universe.

I and my family will serve the Lord. Ephesians 5:31 says:

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”

Thank God for Gay “marriage” in America. We finally have no choice but to become disciples of Christ, and to take back the proper definition of the word: “Christian.”