You’ve probably heard it all Clergybefore… “all Pastors are hypocrites,” right? Well, I agree with the certainty of that proposition. The reason for that is because I know firsthand what it means to be a Pastor AND a hypocrite.

I say this because most lay-people do not understand the level of social pressure that they impose upon their clergy. Just as most lay-persons do not find it pleasant to be judged by others, neither do Pastors. And yet, they exist under the constant pressure of having to keep appearances, lest their flocks discover that they too grow wool and ruminate…

That’s right… We Pastors are Hypocrites, because if the laity discovered that we are human and sinners like them, they might go away to a church that is good in keeping appearances.

So we Pastors pretend to NOT be human. We create an aura of smiles, hugs, self-confidence and loud laughter… and all because we’re shielding our hearts from further trampling. We pretend to have an undaunted faith that transcends the perceptions of lesser mortals, because if we do not, they will fall away.

The sheep cannot handle a shepherd that bleats like them. Since they do not respect the common, weak, human lot that they share, they search for a higher image that they can worship from afar.

Blessed is the Pastor that has disciples with whom he can be himself!! I praise God for being blessed with such friends- so that I do not have to live like a hypocrite!