Recently I had the honoSunnyr of speaking at the 40 Days For Life closing rally in Syracuse, N.Y.  I was encouraged by what seemed to be a crowd of about 65-85 people gathered in front of the historic abortion mill known as “Planned Parenthood.”

It wasn’t the number of people gathered that impressed me… Actually, if I were to compare their number to the gross amount of churches in Syracuse, I’d probably fall into despair.

What encouraged me was to see Christians… whether Roman Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Non-Denominational and Pentecostals gathered together as disciples of the one Christ, our only Teacher.

We prayed…we marched…and heard speeches…we sang songs…we prayed some more…and then we left. So… what did we accomplish?


Ever since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, there have been almost 58 MILLION abortions in America alone. Yes, this is the greatest holocaust ever perpetrated against humankind, and America is arrogantly guilty for it.

But who’s fault is it? Is it secular society’s fault? Absolutely Not! The world can only imitate and carry out the desire of its own father: The Devil.

The Christian Church (those who claim to be the disciples of Jesus) are the only ones to blame. Bible-believing Christians (whether Catholic or Protestant) have the economic and numerical power to stop abortion on its tracks in less than a month. But truth is, that the Western Church is known more for its lust for money, pleasures and prestige more than it cares for being the “light of the world.” 

So, what does this all have to do with the Gay Agenda?

Recently, the Obama Administration had to admit that American churches run the risk of losing its Tax-Exemption statuses IF they do not comply with Gay “Marriage.”

So in Lutheran fashion: “What Does This Mean?”

This means that “Christians” will no longer be able to stay in the proverbial grey… This means that “Christians” will no longer be able to claim to be disciples of Christ, while living indifferently to the things that affect the body of Christ, his Church. This means, that in AMERICA  those who call themselves “Christians,” will not only be deemed to be the scum of the earth, but also, they will be officially treated accordingly.

The American Church has lost the war against abortion…just as it has lost the war against the homosexual agenda. And only indifferent “Christians” are to blame.

But there’s good coming out of all this… You see, the Church of Jesus Christ has always been small. The masses of people are not “The Church.” Many have been “called,” but few are “chosen.” Few are those who stand in the gap…who take their vocation as disciples of Christ seriously.

Anyone can call him or herself a “Christian,” but few are the ones who truly follow in Christ’s steps. You see, just because you know how to quack, it doesn’t make you a duck. In the same way, just because you adhere to a Christian denomination, doesn’t mean that you’re a Christian.

The one good thing about all this… is that for the first time in American history, those who truly believe in Christ will finally grow in solidarity; affirming one another under the banner of the Cross in the unity of the Spirit. The Ecumenical Movement failed to do what only PERSECUTION can do: bring unity under the banner of the Cross.

If they take away our Tax Exemptions… no problem. The Christian Church around the world gathers in basements and caves in order to give glory to Jesus Christ. Buildings and properties are not the Church. The Church is the body of uncompromising believers in a Christ that DOES NOT CHANGE.

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18 (NIV)

Christ has overcome the world. MARANATHA!