Once again, while “Christian” men all over Europe and America stayed home, watching God-knows-what on the internet; a few courageous, Jewish men were defending their women and children from a drunken mob that bursted into their London Synagogue.

Nope- it wasn’t six Muslims that attacked the Jewish Synagogue…it was six White Folks. And they weren’t necessarily Nazis either! They were drunk White Trash who thought it would be cool to intimidate a peaceful, religious people in the middle of their Sunday, Sabbath-ending service.

Anti-Semitism does not know racial or religious boundaries. It is a “spirit” that transcends all sorts of circumstances- largely based on ignorance…or stupidity. Partly to blame is the centuries-long myth that all Jews control the world.

Granted…many, many, many Jews are indeed in banking and other businesses of affluence. Jews have more professionals among their ranks than in any other racial/cultural group on the face of the planet.

But guess what? That stems from having to SURVIVE for thousands of years without a homeland; always getting kicked out from one nation to another. Actually, Jews have historically been the most persecuted ethno-religious group in human history. Jews are survivors…and survivors thrive when the opportunity is available. The reason why survivors thrive, is because they know that they’re just one pogrom or Synagogue burning away from once again being blamed for all the wrongs in the world, and being thrown into the ovens.

Yes, I am seething. How on earth can any rational “Christian” claim to dislike Jews, and then turn around and worship one?

Today I called all the Jewish Synagogues of my church area. Two things came out of that:

1. The Rabbis and secretaries I spoke to were greatly appreciative that a Christian church would call them to voice support for their God-given vocation as a nation of priests to the world. (Exodus 19:6) They were blessed with our offer to support the Jewish community in whatever way, shape or form we possibly can.
2. The Rabbis and secretaries told me that we were the ONLY church in the area that has reached out to them in order to show some level of concern and sympathy.

I am a Lutheran Christian. It is true that Dr. Martin Luther became something of an anti-Semite near the end of his life. Although we Lutherans are ashamed of that, we also understand that Luther did many good things- and th13_1at in his early years, he was extremely tolerant and protective of the Jews. People change due to many factors…and whether Luther was a true anti-Semite or just a political pundit- is up for debate. But one thing is for sure, Lutheranism =/= Anti-Semitism.

What can Christians do to assist the Jews? The most important thing that we can do is to simply become true disciples of Christ. If we became true disciples of Christ, we would love the Jews and support them, because after all… Jesus was a Torah-Teaching, Jewish Rabbi.