It is not easy to lDaugherove a perfect God.

All who look into the divine perfection, see the reflection of a sinner. Some of us surrender…give up. Others, strive for a lifetime to live a life worthy of God’s love. In both cases we fail miserably. In the end…both must come to the realization that God is LOVE. He who surrenders does so in mournful, self-effacing. The “wrestler” fights out of self-deprecation and zeal for God’s worthiness.

But God’s love and mercy transcends our external efforts. God did it all and gave it all when he sent his only begotten son to die on a Cross. God loves both the self-condemning and the self-immolating.

If the God who is love, loves his enemies…how much then does he love those who struggle to love him?

In the end, we come face to face with pure LOVE that rejects no one for their shortcomings. If you humbly love God, nothing can separate you from him. Nothing….

If this were not so, God would not be Love.