beardThis will not be a long article.

I cannot surpass in words what has already be stated by and other news networks.

Just recently, ISIS released a high production video of an alleged Mossad agent who was murdered by an ISIS boy. The youngster seems to be about 11-years-old.

I watched the video…one of the least gruesome I’ve seen from the ISIS “hall of shame.” I want Western Christians to take note of the battle-hardened, calloused, cold-murderers who are at the forefront of Christian Persecution.

These are the ruthless and heartless “Muslims” that destroy everything in their path that does not conform to their Islamic religion. These are the vermin and filth that pick up our women, children and elderly in the middle of the night in order to rape, torture and sell them into slavery.

The Reverend Franklin Graham said in a recent interview that Christians in America are not far away from experiencing persecution at home. I happen to agree with him… We are beginning to lose our religious freedoms- which includes our particular ethics and lifestyles as a People of the Cross.

For instance, Aaron and Melissa Klein had to close their Oregon bakery because they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. But an even greater blow to this family, was the lack of Christian involvement in their defense. In most states, stores are not under the obligation to sell anything to anyone! But God forbid your morals and ethics do not allow you to make provision for a homosexual marriage!

At the Christian Nation- we are calling for Christians to begin to practice a disciplined, devotional lifestyle. Unless we become strong in the Faith now…we will not be able to endure persecution. We will cave in and take the number of the Beast.