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While “Christian” men stayed home on Sunday, recuperating from their Saturday-night hangovers and flaccid sex sessions… Another mentally-ill, homeless resident of L.A.’s “Skid Row” was shot to death.

The video that was recorded by Mr. Anthony Blackburn and posted on his Facebook profile, does not lie. The homeless man was indeed uncooperative…and yes, he was swinging his fists wildly at the 7 Police Officers.

…Police Officers that are heavily armed and trained in hand-to-hand combat and the use of less-lethal weapons. It would’ve taken just 1 of those muscle-bound and heavily trained Police Officers to break the homeless man’s legs, arms, teeth, ribs, hands and knee caps with A BATON…and the video would’ve JUSTIFIED the Police Officer…and many of us would’ve publicly defended him…especially me.

But lets face it… Our Police Officers are increasingly more militarized and trigger happy – all the while the Government is increasingly working towards the unconstitutional disarmament of law-abiding citizens. It has come to recent public attention that the Obama Administration is looking to curb and prohibit ammunition for AR-15 rifles. History demonstrates that the ONLY reason why governments disarm its citizens is for the purpose of exercising full control over them. Listing that history here would be too redundant.

The Church of Jesus Christ needs to slap some sense into the men that claim to be “Christian.”

America is about to descend into a terrible chaos that will require an indomitable spirit that will protect our women and children from being abused, raped and/or killed. The world is too eager to kill Christians- and we must not allow for the cowardly to carry the honor of a title that they discredit by means of their uncommitted devotion to Christ and his Church. If a man dares to call himself a “Christian,” he then better be ready for decisive action by learning to live a disciplined, Christian life.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said that WE are “The Light of the World.” 

It should be us…CHRISTIAN MEN, leading the causes of social justice on our streets… We should be taking the Good News of Jesus Christ in mass to this broken world. Christian men should be joined in a brotherhood of Christian Faith and Love- taking our streets for Christ- without fear- and inspiring respect for the law.

Christian men need to re-claim their many brothers in Christ who gallantly serve as police officers. Truth be told… many of our Christian police officers do not feel a sense of brotherhood with other Christian men, because churches are filled with undisciplined sissies.

Real men gain strength from having a strong, purposeful brotherhood that gathers often to pray, praise and plan in matters of righteousness.

Promise Keepers was extremely effective during the first years of its inception because it re-masculated men in a society that increasingly emasculates them through the failed social experiments of the feminist movement. When men discover their God-given purpose and put them into action… they become confident in righteousness- which in turn allows for their wives to follow their instinctual inclination to being the man’s “help-meet.”

While Muslim men continue their relentless invasion of the public square at the invitation of Western-secular states, many Christian “men” stay home disconnected from reality… playing video games, drinking and watching porn.

The Western Church needs to change… Very soon it will be our women and children being beaten by cops who’s only concern is to obey the authorities that are above them.

Christian men need to become disciplined in their vocation as the Providers, Protectors and Priests of their households and the Church…because in a world where the aggressive and the strong thrive and survive, only intimidation will keep our aggressors at bay.