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It’s time to UNITE. It’s time to CRUSADE. We have NO CHOICE.

None of our non-essential doctrines can continue to keep us disunited. The petty arguments of whether a professed, baptized person is part of “the” Church or not has come to an end.

The myriads of theses that keep us disunited in order to protect the boundaries of our flaccid fiefdoms are no longer to be entertained. We can no longer allow for effeminate, bureaucratic cowards in ivory towers to “lead.” They have already led the Church to its demise by means of intentional apathy.

The baptized community of Christian believers can no longer sit back in reckless, immoral self-destruction, while hundreds of innocent Christians continue to get persecuted and slaughtered, simply because they are CHRISTIANS.

A few days ago, 21 Coptic Chisis21copts-tonyrezk-feb15-2015-copticorthdiol-aristian fishermen were slaughtered on a beach of Libya simply because they were members of “The Nation Of The Cross.” Now, over 150 women, children and elderly Assyrian Christians were abducted by ISIS. They will probably end up raped, beaten and slaughtered too.

And what are we Christians supposed to do? Sit back…pray a little “Our Father,” and go back to our little pathetic Western lives? All the while WOMEN, CHILDREN and ELDERLY persons have been taken by a religious enemy that wants to take over the world?

It’s time to ask ourselves: “What would ABRAHAM do?” (See Genesis 14) When Abraham’s nephew and his family were captured by evil Kings, Abraham didn’t stare at the night sky and continued dreaming about the day in which his generations would become as numerous as the stars. NO! He took his own personal soldiers and RESCUED Lot from the hands of the evil doers. And what happened after that? Melchizedek the Priest of God the Most High went out to greet Abraham and extend to him his blessing. Perhaps Christ our Lord, will extend his blessings towards us, if like Abraham, we followed his example and in a concerted effort, worked to rescue our brothers and sisters from the plight that Islam imposes upon them.

Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed by God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.

Here it is… ISLAM IS DANGEROUS. Not only because it broods myriads of Terrorists in every corner of the world…but because WESTERN MUSLIMS are not presenting a UNITED VOICE of outrage against the Islamic atrocities perpetrated against the myriads of innocent, civilian Christians that have nothing to do with Guantanamo Bay.

And you know why? Because Muslims have a sense of being ONE NATION… They are the “Dar-Al-Islam” (House of Islam) and deep down inside, they feel that if they speak against the possibility of a Caliphate rising, that they would be betraying THEIR OWN PEOPLE. All the while OUR women, OUR children, and OUR elderly are dishonorably abducted in the middle of the night, while WE sit back twirling our fingers, waiting for someone else to fulfill OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

We can no longer wait on Secular governments to protect our people…especially when Secular society is becoming increasingly hostile against Christian morals, values and practices.

It’s time to UNITE. It’s time to CRUSADE. We have NO CHOICE.

Romans 12:17-18 clearly says:

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

It is no longer possible to keep the peace. It is evil to sit back and watch our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus suffer the brunt of persecution and slaughter by an incessant religion that intimidates the rest of the secular world in the West.

It’s time to UNITE

Western Christians need to demand Rome to drop its insistence that believers accept the primacy of the Papacy by “divine right.” Isn’t it enough to be under the Patriarchy of Rome as a SYMBOL of our administrative unity? Millions of Western Christians desire to have a sense of unity. Its time for Rome to re-consider its position and LEAD CHRISTIANS TOWARDS A UNITY OF LOVE… led by a Primacy of LOVE, rather than by canonical “right.”

It’s time to CRUSADE

If Western governments will not rise to defend Christians around the world (the same women and childreCRUSADERn that terrorists refer to as “Crusaders”), then its time for Christians to form our own SECURITY FORCES that are privately funded and governed by a model that is similar to the United Nations… We need an organization of UNITED CHRISTIANS that unite us under a common cause. We are constrained by love to unite… AND CRUSADE… AND SEND THOSE BASTARDS TO HELL WHERE THEY BELONG.


We do not know when our Lord Jesus Christ is returning…in the meantime, as we pray for his return, we have the moral obligation to protect our brothers and sisters under the Cross. God will hold us accountable for giving more importance to our prideful divisions than to the countless, innocent lives of those who are dying at the hands of Islamic Fundamentalists.

Its time to call a spade, a spade. Islam is a religion of DEATH…and Secularism (which also hates Christians) will sit back and watch us die.

But LOVE is stronger than hate. The Islamists fight out of HATE…We fight out of LOVE and in self-defense.

Dear Terrorists: We will meet you in the battlefield under the banner of the Cross. We will bury your dirty bodies in the sands of the Middle East- or wherever else you might be. We will drive you to Hell with Muhammad. So pray to Allah that he might have mercy on your souls…because WE will not. You WILL pay… 

I swear by the Cross of Jesus Christ and his glorious resurrection.

It’s time to UNITE. It’s time to CRUSADE. We have NO CHOICE.