Christian Response
Islamic Aggressions

When taken seriously, the Christian Faith is the most courageous of all Faiths, because it transcends the “normal” means and responses of THIS world, while actively “hastening” the coming of Christ (2Peter 3:12) through our public witness that Jesus Christ is
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

 1- Express your love for other Christians, especially to those who represent denominations that are suffering the brunt of persecution. For instance- we can call our local Coptic Orthodox parish on behalf of our church and tell them that we are praying for them and appreciate their courage. —John 13:35

2- Pray for our persecutors– Nothing is more difficult than to love and pray for our enemies- but regardless of our personal feelings, we must keep in mind that Christ has commanded us to do so.
Even if we cannot do it out of love for our persecutors…we must do it DAILY as an act of obedient love for our King and Lord, Jesus Christ. —Matthew 5:44

3- Visit those who are associated with our persecutors-
Go to businesses that are owned by Muslims and show them Christian love. Do not greet them with the customary, Islamic greeting: “Assalam-u-eleichum,” but rather with, “May the Peace of Christ be with you.” As you say this, touch your heart when you say “Christ” and close your eyes with love. This form of expression is meaningful to people of Arabic background (whether Christian or Muslim). Speak kindly to them and ask them to pray for you as you are praying for them. Read the Quran, learn their terminology, and honor the points of theological convergence, while always speaking the truth in love and respect.

4- Grow in your devotion to Christ- There is nothing more threatening to Muslims than Christians who take their Faith seriously. Christ COMMANDS us to be ZEALOUS in our Faith. —Rev. 3:19

5- If you must fight them- do so out of passionate love for righteousness (protecting our women, children and elderly) rather than out of hatred and vengeance. NEVER pay unrighteousness for unrighteousness. Always respect their women and children. ALWAYS!